We’re passionate about championing our cloud telephony solution Cloud PBX, because we know the impact it can have on businesses. We’re so confident, we use it here at Chess.

Millions of UK businesses like yours have already made the move to the cloud and here are the reasons why.


6. Secure

Upgrades are seamless and pushed out immediately, so you always run the latest, most secure software available.

Fraud checks against unusual activity are running all the time, so if anything suspicious appears to be happening the system will automatically lock down, suspend services and issue an automated notification.


5. Cost

Not only is it more beneficial, it’s cheaper too. Our customer case study from ‘Armstrong & Craven’ reported it typically saved the company 30% per month on their calls, alongside a 50% uplift on business efficiency.

4. Scalable

Scale up with ease by managing users, devices and locations with minimal investment and overheads.

Hosted solutions are designed for businesses of any size. Cloud solutions are normally only charged on a per-user-per-month basis, which means you only pay for what you need. Businesses can use the cloud as little or as much as they want. When your business grows, it grows with you.


3. Reliable

With a fully resilient infrastructure in place across two data centres and multiple carriers for voice breakout, reliability is a given. Operating with a high service level agreement, the system is constantly monitored and maintained by a highly technical team on a 24/7 basis.


2. ISDN switch off

One of the main reasons why businesses are moving to a Cloud PBX phone system is through necessity. In 2020 BT will stop supporting ISDN, and by 2025 will have switched it off.

1. Flexibility

Cloud PBX has undoubtedly made flexible working what it is today. As calls are routed through the internet it gives you and your people the choice to work from any location at any time safe in the knowledge that you are fully connected to your people and customers, vital in the modern age of flexible working.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Cloud PBX can benefit you, watch our Webinar.