Outage - Nottingham and Peterborough - 15 September

The outage affecting some CityFibre customers in Nottingham and Peterborough, causing loss of voice and data services has now been resolved, and the issue will be monitored for the next 48 hours.

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4G to 5G - Stay One Step Ahead

Despite all the discussions regarding 5G roll out and what place Huawei will have in our new mobile network – there is no doubt that 5G is coming and 2021 should see the roll-out gather pace.

Stay One Step Ahead - Telephony is Changing

What's your plan for the Openreach PSTN switch off? This starts in 2023 and concludes in 2025 - it will have a significant impact on all our businesses. 

Outage - LHC Data Centre London - 27 August - Resolved
The issues affecting some of our services, caused by a suspected fire at the Telstra LHC Data Centre in London are now resolved. 
Outage - 18 August 2020

We have been made aware of a fire alarm being triggered by a UPS failure which caused the power to go completely down at one of the Harbour Exchange data centres in London, affecting some services. 

Broadband Outage - 23 July 2020
We have been made aware of a major incident affecting Broadband service in the northeast of England.
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Help to Keep Your Children Safe Online

With so many young people in home-school currently, we thought some tips about keeping your children safe whilst online might be useful. It’s a huge topic but we’ve summarised 5 areas you may want to consider.

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FAQ: Important Product Lifecycle Update About Your Sophos Products

Sophos recently announced End of Sale and End of Life dates for a large part of their portfolio. They have created a Frequently Asked Questions document to help answer common questions about this process.

5 Business Functions to Outsource?

For many of us, the last few months have been a period of making the best of a difficult situation, but I think we are all aware now that we need to change and adopt new ways of working to prosper in the post-COVID -19 world.

Changes to Terms and Conditions - Fraud Monitor Service

We have updated our Fraud Monitor service offering and as such we have made changes to the terms and conditions that apply to the service. 

Changes to Chess ICT Ltd Terms and Conditions

Changes to Chess ICT Limited’s Terms and Conditions from 1 June 2020

Changes have been made to the General Conditions which apply to all our products and services as well as to some Schedules which are terms and conditions specific to our products and services. The Schedules which have been changed are Schedule 3.1 Voice Services, Schedule 3.2 Internet Services, Schedule 3.4 Cloud Voice Services, Schedule 4.1 Fault Management for Connectivity and Schedule 3.2 Maintenance Support Services.

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Phone Fraud

The latest cyber crime report is never far from the headlines, whether it's a data breach, phishing attempt, or an email extortion campaign. However, one area that is often overlooked is phone fraud, where a hacker uses your phone system to either provide free calls to expensive foreign destinations or to gain some form of value from calling premium-rate numbers. If this happens you may be left with a significant bill.

At Chess, we offer a fraud monitor service where we check customer call profiles and lock them down if we notice unusual activity and I've noticed a definite uptick in fraud since the COVID-19 lockdown began. Here are a few security points that may be worth thinking about