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Home Working - Can You Collaborate?
So hopefully by now, you've got your people working from home and are servicing your customers' needs, you've got access to your main systems and are coping well. It's clear that working at a distance from everyone creates some new challenges and this article is intended to run through some things to consider.
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#3 Connectivity and Support at Home

Working from home is now an everyday reality for many of our customers and network issues can be a challenge 

As schools have now closed and other businesses have also sent people home, many home workers are struggling with ensuring they can run their real-time work apps such as Voice and Video conferencing without interference from other people, who are also working from home or using other online content


17 March - High Call Volumes

We are currently experiencing increased wait times on the phones due to requests around the Covid 19 outbreak. 


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#1 Your Telephony

As the Covid-19 situation looks set to escalate, there's a lot to think about to keep your business running. Last week we shared the Top 10 areas we've focused on to ensure our own business continuity.

From today, we'll be going into these in more detail, setting out what we've learnt and offering specific guidance and support. Let's start with telephony.

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Coronavirus Service Update - Keep Your Business Running

The top 10 things to consider for your home-working plan.

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Coronavirus Service Message - Keeping Our Business Running

Many businesses are rightly concerned about the potential impact of the developing situation with coronavirus and how it may impact their business. 

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6th - The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies To Work For

Chess has officially done it again, achieving 6th in the Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’. This continues the success of previous years - number 1 in 2018, 5 years in the top 6 and 11 years in the top 100.

Outage 31 January - Resolved

The cause of the outage affecting Gamma voice and data services has been identified and service is being restored.

Talk Talk Outage (Resolved)

Services are back online following the report of a major internet routing issue affecting customers on the TalkTalk network.

Chess 01282 Phone Number Issue (Resolved)

Some disruption on calls to Chess on 01282 Numbers

Chess Cloud PBX Partial Disruption to Service (Resolved)

We are aware of an issue affecting some services on Cloud PBX. Our specialists are working on a solution and we expect the system to be fully functioning shortly.  


AutoSwitch - Important Information For Customers

AutoSwitch, also known as PAC by SMS, is new legislation effective from 1st July 2019 throughout the mobile industry and is aimed at simplifying the process of changing providers for the customer.