Chess Chats Episode 3: David Pimm, O2 Channel Business Manager

In this episode of Chess Chats, we interview David Pimm, our O2 Channel Business Manager. In the video he explains what his responsibilities are and how he supports both us and our partners.

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The Future of Us

Watch Ant Morse, O2, present how technology will shape our industry and change our daily lives.

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The Vanity Play of 5G

5G is changing the telecoms landscape. It is one of the hottest topics in the industry press and not only, especially after the Huawei drama hit the papers. However, how is 5G going to affect your business? Watch the panel discussion to learn more. 

A Guide to Vodafone Gemini In-Life Form

A short video to help you fill the Vodafone Gemini In-Life form correctly.

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10 Questions with Kerri Lendon, Customer Service Director - Partner

Telecommunications and Technology are very male-dominated industries. Chess Partner is proud to have three women on the leadership team. Our second blog from Meet the Team series is with Kerri Lendon, Customer Service Director.

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Channel Mix Panel: Chess Partner Team

If you missed Channel Mix, here you can watch the recording of the Chess Partner panel with Kerri Lendon, Customer Service Director, Helen Booker, Operations Director, and Anita Wosket, Head of Partner Sales. 

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Chess Chats Episode 2: Dan Walker, Partner Support Leader

Join us for another episode of Chess Chats. This session we are interviewing Daniel Walker, out Partner Support Team Leader. Dan has been with the business for 7 years and currently looks after elite, premium and business partners as well as any escalations. 

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Chess Chats Episode 1: Rob Kittler, Head of Airtime Sales

The first ever Chess Chats episode in which we interview Rob Kittler, Head of Airtime Sales at Chess Partner. He answers questions from Airtime partners and introduces his Business Development team.

O2 Digital Products Webinar Recording

Learn how you can enhance your portfolio with O2's digital products.

A Guide to O2 Automation Hub

A video guide to the O2 Automation Hub - Using O2’s dedicated Automation Hub speeds up the requests you make.

CSI Training Webinar

Did you miss the CSI Training Webinar? Fear not, the recording is now live and you can listen to it in your own time.