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Apple Have Now Launched Their Latest Products

Apple fans are in for a treat as loads of fruity gadgets were announced earlier this week at the latest Apple event, including the NEW iPhone 11. Which of these goodies would you use as your next device? The new iPad or the powerhouse iPhone 11. Tell us what's on your Christmas list.

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iPhone 11 may feature new R1 co-processor

The Apple event is fast approaching and the Apple’s iPhone 11 handsets are likely to feature a brand new processor, alongside the new A13 series chips, according to reports this week. 

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Apple wants to know your secrets

Coming up this week in Hive News Weekly, Siri listens in to your private conversations, Another Day another data breach this time from Capital One and Oppo unveils a phone that’s basically just a slab of glass.

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Hive News Weekly - 19th July

This week on Hive News Weekly, we look into Samsung's latest patent, FaceApp goes viral once again for the wrong reasons, Windows removing email accounts and IOS13 Beta 4 release details.

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Hive News Weekly - July 5th 2019

Here's your weekly Tech News, brought to you by the Hive.

This week we talk how you can now switch your mobile phone provider by a simple text, Google Maps adding a brand-new feature, Jonny Ive leaving Apple and more.

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Highlights From WWDC 2019

Are you an Apple user? This week we take a look at the new Apple products, software and new Mac Pro announced at WWDC 2019.    

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What Can We Expect to See at WWDC 2019

This week we take a look at our predictions for what we might see at Worldwide Developer Conference 2019 - a developer event based on Apple products. We get to see what's new and what's coming up.  What are you excited to see at WWDC 2019? 

5 Ways To Love Your People This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the day to show love and appreciation for those close to you. But when it comes to sharing the love with your work family, roses and chocolates are just not going to cut it. It’s time to turn to tech.


iPhone XR Reviewed

The latest iPhone, the XR, has got tech reviewers buzzing. So what’s the hype all about?

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Apple and Google Buses Targeted in Latest Round of San Francisco Attacks

In the last week, there have been a total of five reported incidents, four targeting Apple buses and one on a Google service.

Text Appeal

On Sunday, the humble text will celebrate its 25th birthday. Here's the story of the humble SMS.