Name: Clayton Whitlam

Job Title: Technical 3rd Line Support


7:55 Ok, lets’ kick this pig. Time to look over business continuity – backups, replication, firewall data transfer, Office 365 syncs, server disk space, meeting rooms functionality and comms room temps…. But first, a delicious bowl of Shreddies (slight traffic jam in the kitchen but the need outweighs the effort).

8:28 Business continuity checks complete for the most part, Shreddies done, first coffee made and sugar crisis avoided – refilled the sugar pot (pro skills). Now to help a colleague at another site with some permission issues on a new file server.

9:10 File server may need some additional love later so looking over the ticketing system, just need to raise some POs for kit and software… I’ll get these done before our morning huddle. The huddle is a 15 minute catch up for our internal service desk. We go over workload, outstanding tickets or any issues they may be facing and need support on. The internal desk is spread over several locations, so we use Skype for business to collaborate. Whilst raising said POs (also over Skype), I managed to find two minutes to discuss the beer festival at the weekend with finance folk – I had one with Mango in it, trés nice.

10:14 Internal huddle done! No actual hugging though, rough with the smooth… good discussion all round and always plenty to go at:

- Two new projects to onboard;

- Access to cross site systems for specific departments;

- SFTP testing for CDR collection;

- Server disk space issue for a 1TB+ DB growing rapidly;

- SSL certs required for new websites;

- New starters need onboarding.

Hopefully all before lunch! Better put a pot of coffee on…

11:49 Phew! Had to come up for air. The team is super busy as ever! God bless you coffee and all who sail in you…

I managed to get a few things boxed off, no real easy fixes in IT anymore. Gone are the heady days of asking a user to restart their PC. Had to liaise with the Development Team and Compliance Team regarding a data retention issue with a ‘jumbo’ DB. Need to speak to our 3rd party supplier now to clarify functionality.

12:38 Urge to work fading...fading...faaadiiing….need some sustenance to push through the afternoon. Time to grab a sarnie.

13:11 Urge to work rising...RISING! BOOM! Technicians caviar = Tesco meal deal. Ready to rock again. Skimming the BBC site over lunch and apparently Megan Markle’s dad may not attend the wedding – gutted. On with the workload though despite this tragic news.

14:24 All that working on server-based entities has meant the ticket stack has rocketed past 80 incidents. Time to dish out some exceptional customer service and hack these tickets down.

15:00 3rd Line Team Huddle. A weekly catch up for us to get together and talk about any actions that have come out of Senior Management Team meetings. Sadly, no actual hugging on this one either. Comms is king in IT and we all need to be on the same page if any issues arise. Again, Skype for Business allows many people to collaborate quickly. One thing Bill definitely got right.

16:30 It’s that special time where technicians who started at 8am can go home! I spent the last hour and a half with a colleague helping to set up a new file share server. Traditionally we’d use sharepoint but some of our legacy systems still require an on prem presence. Anyhoot I’m off for a beer, tra.

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