Name: Megan Yates

Job Title: Business Solutions Sales Executive


Getting in a bit early so I don’t miss Breakfast Club, there’s nothing better than a bowl of Bran Flakes in the morning! Since I’ve moved to Sales only last week, I put a special request into the Office Team to slip a couple of boxes into the Sales kitchen for me, so I’m going to have my Bran Flakes and read over my emails for the day ahead.


Morning huddle with the teams, everybody is up and getting involved. This month’s incentive is Mastermind, the two highest GP of yesterday get to play for cash. One chooses general knowledge and does quite well, the other chooses Michael Jackson. Not the most conventional choice and not one that I would dare to go near, but he smashes it! Unfortunately, no one got all of the questions right so it’s another cash roll over!


First training session on GP and Commission which I have never done before (slightly worried when I was asked to bring my calculator – come on GCSE Maths). We went through all the structures and a few examples (thank you calculator), and got the grasp of the systems.


Back on the phones after training. Someone just got their first sale so we are absolutely buzzing! Motivation to get straight on the phones to get my first sale.


Great call with a customer who is interested in our products after a bad experience with someone else. After a bit of coaching from the team, I got a contract sent over - fingers crossed to get it back.


Lunch time! I wake up thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch so it’s an exciting time. The suns out so a quick walk around Alderley Edge and then time to eat. I also call in to visit my old team at Chess to see how they’re doing. After being in their team for two and a half years, they really do become your day family.


Full of pasta and ready to work faster… straight on to our customers seeing what we can do for them.


Still cracking on talking to the customers and seeing what I can help them with. There’s a proper buzz in the office with everyone helping each other with their work.


Had a quick break for a few strawberries and a yoghurt, straight on the phones again and spoke to a lovely lady about her account. It was clear that she needed help with her account so I talked her through the options and sent over some information on what to do next. Talking to our customers is my favourite part of the job and it’s even better to be able to turn it around for them.


Got my first sale since moving to the Sales Team yesterday! Great to have a good outcome and can’t wait to come to work tomorrow – for more Bran Flakes.

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