We are here to help and support our Partners, focus on providing the most detailed information, answer all your questions and ensure you are making the most of the services we offer. The Head of Airtime Sales, Rob Kittler, answered the questions that are most frequently asked by you, our Airtime Partners.


Q: Who bills the customer?
A: In Partner Airtime, the networks bill the customer directly.


Q: How do I earn commission?
A: The commission is calculated based upon the line rental sold. A percentage of this is earned, normally with some kind of a bonus also included.


Q: What do I need to connect?
A: You must have an account with Chess Partner to transact with us. In turn, you need a revenue share code with the network to offer their wares.


Q: Where is the tariff information?
A: We have a product and commission brochure called Partner Wise that is available on our website. You can access it here.


Q: Who credit checks the customer?
A: Since the network is billing the end customer, they also run the credit check.


Q: How are you different from the networks?
A: Mobile networks are big and cumbersome. Partners thrive and exist by offering bespoke service, agnostic approach to solutions, the ability to be more agile and give a more personal service.


Q: I see O2 Open is a service mentioned frequently. What is it?
A: O2 Open is a programme that allows your customers to offer a discount code to their own employees to obtain a discount on their own, personal O2 contracts.


Q: Do EE have a portal?
A: EE have an excellent portal where you can find lots of relevant information as well as great marketing collateral, including dual-branded assets to use.


Q: Can we sell other products, something other than airtime?
A: EE, O2 and Vodafone have digital product sets that compliment airtime and are available now. Check Partner Wise for this information.


Q: Do you only offer Airtime products?
A: We also provide billing solutions, while under our Wholesale arm you can find Cloud PBX, leasing and inbound solutions. Please contact us if you are interested.


Your question was not included, or you want more information? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 0330 102 5610 or internalsales@chesspartner.co.uk. You can also contact Rob directly on robkittler@ChessPartner.co.uk