With A and AS levels due to start in just a month’s time, students throughout the country are in the final stages of study and revision. For most it’s the culmination of 14 years of school and college life, during which time rapid IT transformation will have revolutionised the way lessons are delivered and knowledge shared.

 It was the desire to empower students with a 21st century learning experience that was at the heart of  Salford City College’s  £9m investment. 

 With students enjoying a well earned summer break, 500 VDI seats and 340 Dell PCs were deployed over four weeks, paving the way for more online and blended learning and crucially facilitating the College’s objective of ‘significantly enhancing the learning experience of thousands of students’.

 More information on Salford City College’s state of the art digital transformation can be found here. However, for the all important A Level results, there’s a long wait until August 16th 2018.