It's going to be a decade of significant advances for the tech industry - and nowhere are the endless possibilities and potential more apparent than in the first tech show of the 2020s, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), kicking off in Las Vegas on Tue 7 Jan.

Running for over 50 years, the annual show is the largest of its kind, showcasing the latest innovations and devices.

Although the show attracts close to 200,000 technology fans and innovators, there are some notable exceptions. Top of this list is Apple, who traditionally prefer their own exclusive, carefully managed events. This year, however, will see Jane Horvath, senior director of global privacy at Apple, discussing consumer privacy with Facebook's Erin Egan and P&G's Susan Shook. Industry observers suggest that as Apple enters the smart home market, its emphasis on privacy is what could set it apart from Google and Amazon.

Privacy - and security - is high on the conference agenda, with surveillance, smart cameras and tracking devices all well represented.

Self-driving technology - or at least, driver-assist systems, will be a key talking point. Bosch is amongst a number of companies planning moves into Lidar sensors - the technology self-driving cars companies use to detect and make sense of their environment. As more developers enter the market, prices are beginning to come down, driving a growth in this sector.

If you've got the space, then Samsung has The Wall. Aptly named at 292 inches (over 24 feet or 7.4 metres), it uses millions of tiny LEDs  - MicroLED technology - to deliver perfect black levels and high brightness. Samsung will also launch two phones at CES 2020 - the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the Galaxy S10 Lite, although as yet there's no release date or price details.

A significant proportion of the conference room floor (and reporting column inches) will no doubt be given over to the quirky, the wonderful and the downright weird.

Lovot robots have been designed to love you,  learning your face and warming up to you over time. Already on sale in their homeland, Japan, they're retailing at around £2,295.

Having trouble sleeping? French start-up UrgoTech are show casing Urgonight, a padded headband which it claims will train your brain during the day to help you sleep better at night.

Thankfully, whatever worries could be keeping us awake at night, fear of running out of loo roll need not be one, thanks to Charmin, who have designed a Bluetooth controlled toilet roll robot, ready to deliver essential supplies on command.  No doubt something that will come as a relief to many.