Ant leads the O2 Digital Solutions teams focusing on how they can bring value and support to their customers on their journey to become digital businesses.

Ant reveals how companies can become collaborative to improve their productivity and cater to a new generation of customers. He discusses the importance of digitalising operations without compromising security and highlights how businesses can do so without breaking the bank.

You will hear the story of O2’s own transition to a data-driven business. With 5G’s commercialisation just on our doorstep, IoT and smart workplace are only some of the shifts we will observe in the next years.

According to Ant, we can expect almost everything to become ‘as-a-service’ – technology-as-a-service, communications-as-a-service and more.

He also reveals how live time collaboration with Ms Teams enabled O2 to save money, time and work from anywhere in the world.

In his keynote, Ant explains how young people use technology differently - no longer working from a single device, but always on the go – utilising the cloud to access information from any data point.


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