Hollie Jervis, Customer Experience Leader at Chess Partner


  • Field & Web Core Business Support for Partners
  • Training (Process, Service, Core)
  • O2 Audits and CSI Engagement
  • Working with networks, Partners & Chess teams on solutions, engagement & implementation
  • Creating the Customer Experience plan for Chess Partner


Training Support

Hollie provides our Partners with training support aimed to bring the teams up to speed with the latest procedures from the networks and to help with customer experience. 

Available in the field or by WebEx

Dedicated support with training your people in everything from service & process to customer contact strategy.

Support to review and refresh existing account management, customer service or customer experience plans.


Engagement, Solution and Evolution

Working with Partners, Chess & Suppliers to create solutions to move forward with business.

There to help create or implement O2 CSI or Partner lead Customer Engagement plans.

Creating bespoke training collateral, plans and training methods that best suit the needs of a Partner.


Business Improvement

Through O2 auditing and CSI we can better support you and your business and keep you on track and earning.

Core training offered for teams on complaints, retentions, experience, service and general customer management.


Customer Experience Project

Creation & Delivery of a Chess Partner Customer Experience Project

Designed to showcase our People and our support within at every stage of the customer journey.


Chess Partner Journey Map: Coming Soon

Our Goal

Create Customer Experience focused Partner Journey Map especially for Chess Partner. Using our People and our Partners to showcase the benefits of being with Chess.

What is it?

Our map will outline solutions, services and support we can offer to all Partners. It pledges the level of experience we aim to offer at any stage of their Partner journey. Our Partner Journey Map is an extension of our Company Blueprint ideals, focuses and values.

When does it launch?

We have already rolled out phase one to our People trialling new solutions to support the Journey Map and it’s been well received.


Hollie Jervis

Customer Experience Leader


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