Striking the perfect balance when it comes to their work-life is becoming increasingly important to employees when searching for their next job, with it even taking precedence over the attractive salaries used to attract employees. Nearly half of all people asked in the report claimed that work-life balance is what they look for when searching for a new job.

To attract the best pick of talent it has become crucial for employers to offer a good work-life balance to get the best pick of talent in the UK. Workplace culture as well as flexible working options are now more popular than ever and with tech having a reputation as one of the most stressful sectors to work in, it makes 3rd place for Chess ICT a more significant achievement.

Chess are also currently the Sunday Times Number 1 best company to work for, added to the latest fantastic achievement for all Chess People and a great accolade as Chess strive to make themselves a great place to work and a great place to be a customer.

The full list of the highest rated companies for Work-Life balance in 2018 can be seen below:

  1. Northern Gas and Power (4.7)
  2. Love Energy Savings (4.7)
  3. Chess ICT (4.6)
  4. Environment Agency (4.6)
  5. Skyscanner (4.6)
  6. Equal Experts (4.6)
  7. RHP (4.6)
  8. Capital One (4.5)
  9. Bank of England (4.4)
  10. Sytner (4.4)
  11. M&G (4.4)
  12. Citizens Advice (4.4)
  13. Goodman Masson (4.4)
  14. Bromford (4.4)
  15. Purplebricks (4.4)
  16. Arm (4.3)
  17. VMware (4.3)
  18. Civica (4.3)
  19. Anglian Water (4.3)
  20. Thomson Reuters (4.3)