First days come with much trepidation, today was no different for me.

I was ready to join The Sunday Times Best Company to Work For in the UK!

Upon arrival, I was greeted as expected, with friendly faces and a positive attitude.

What I wasn’t expecting was to be ‘papped’ by chief camera expert Jay Munson, awkward smiles done and we're good to go.


Day 1 was everything I hoped and more

I sat there looking up at Kate Wood who seemed so passionate and honest, I thought, this is where I belong.

The first day progressed, busy yet enlightening, with lots of presentations on the company from HR to EBITDA, which sounded like a whole lot of jargon, although after Jonathan had finished his easily to follow presentation it all fell into place, even for an amateur like me.

Alongside the financials, we were presented with the benefits of being employed by Chess, which are plentiful.

  • Breakfast club
  • Events & team away days
  • Half day Fridays
  • Free Fruit
That’s just to name a few!

I went home that evening feeling so pumped, it had been a long day, however I had so much energy. I headed out on my evening run with a smile on my face, feeling ready for what day 2 had in store.

Surely it couldn’t top today?


Day 2, bright and bushy tailed.

Grace was her usual chirpy self, going out of her way to make sure we were refreshed and energised.

After lunch, in the Chesteraunt (yep that’s a ‘Chess-Restaurant’ if you hadn’t cottoned on) we met Stephen Dracup…

After hearing Stephen’s stand up on Monday I knew he would be driven to sell, what I wasn’t expecting was his honest interpretation of the company and his struggles throughout.

This session taught me more than he probably realises:
1. Nothing worth having in life comes easy
2. Struggles happen, it’s how we deal with them that define us
3. Work hard and you will go far at Chess

It took me hours to get to sleep that night, my head was buzzing with ideas and information, I had the sense for the first time in a long time, that I wanted to wake up and go to work the next day.


The final day, here we go…

Most of today was spent with Tim, which was fine with me. Tim is blunt (great quality) and extremely approachable, like all people at Chess.

Personal development was touched on. A very honest and open session where we learnt a lot about our new colleagues and friends.

It’s important to mention, we obviously learnt about how the foundations of Chess are built and the structure of the company works.

The services don’t just include Cloud PBX, Servers, Broadband it’s so much more… it’s the values which is drummed into you via the Blueprint.

If I could give any new starter or potential employee of Chess a bit of advice:

  • Don’t just read the Blueprint like I did, really take it in, understand it, let it consume you. It may sound stupid, but it really will drive your future and your ability to succeed.
  • ‘Play your part’ and you will go far!