engage is built on Microsoft Azure (cloud) using cognitive services. Chess credit engage as a key factor in achieving their Sunday Times No 1 Company to Work for in the UK status, after a very impressive nine years on the list.

Kate Wood, Director of Culture said:

“Being engaged means being emotionally committed to your work goals; to care about results, to care about your organisation and about customers.”

Research shows that highly engaged workplaces see a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales. It’s been proven that highly engaged employees have happier home lives. Worryingly, Gallup show that globally only 13% of employees are considered highly engaged, even worse, 26% of employees are considered actively disengaged.

At Chess we've embedded our cultural methodology with Microsoft technology at the heart of it. IT’s really helped us connect the dots and support our six sites spread across the UK to work together to become one team.  We’ve used the knowledge and real-life experience learnt on our own journey to create engage — our very own Employee Engagement tool.

engage drives communication. Our people can tell engage how they really feel. Through the intelligent use of sentiment scoring, we know when people aren’t feeling valued and cared for. We know when people are disengaged before they know themselves. engage simplifies tracking performance and most importantly helps you to manage under performance. We all know what a challenge it can be to have someone in your team who doesn’t have the correct attitude, energy or knowledge. engage provides this insight for us.

So far, engage has only been used at Chess. But now we’re taking our knowledge as the Best Company to work for in the UK, and we’re sharing it with organisations across the world. engage blends the power of culture, technology and analytics  so your business can improve the performance of your people and your organisation. 

We’re currently working with a small number of companies in a pilot phase to get their feedback on how engage could work for them. Feedback so far has been great. Steve Anderson, Talent Manager at Baird Group told us; ‘I met Kate Wood earlier this year and discussed engage. I have been using it and see real potential for us. I have set up a small trial group.’

If you’d like to know more about what engage could do for your business and take advantage of a free three month trial period click here.