Hosted Voice - otherwise known as Cloud PBX - is one of the most attractive hosted solutions on the market and is rapidly becoming the system of choice for business owners in the SME market segment for a variety of reasons.

Attractive Cost Savings

The main appeal of hosted telephony is the cost savings on offer compared with legacy systems. This is because, compared with most legacy systems, Cloud PBX requires virtually no installation charges and no ongoing maintenance costs.

Furthermore, costs are fixed per user per month, so if you need to upscale and add more users for a while, you will have transparency on how much more you will need to spend on your communications.

And if you have more than one office, operations overseas or remote workers, you’ll benefit from free internal calls.


Cloud PBX also includes a host of additional features - such as conferencing, voicemail and call forwarding - as standard. Features that come at a cost with old world telephony.

And there aren’t just the financial costs that Hosted Voice brings.

A Host of Benefits

The modern workplace is geared towards continual connectivity, both between your people and with customers. Cloud PBX ensures a continual working environment should you need it, improving efficiency and giving you the ability to communicate with customers seamlessly, enhancing the service you provide to them.

If you think you’re spending too much on your communications or the systems you currently use are holding you back, speak to one of our cloud PBX specialists today.



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