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Hello and welcome to our Cloud PBX ultimate guide webinar (transcript).

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So, what is a cloud phone system?

  • In its simplest form, cloud telephony is a telephony system in the cloud, replacing a physical phone system.
  • Calls are made over the internet and the only hardware is the handsets - meaning no more maintenance.
  • All your calls are made over the internet meaning, flexibility, cost efficiencies and the ability to work from whatever device you choose, anywhere.


The facts about our Cloud Phone System?

To help you understand who we are and what our cloud telephony is about, we’ve broken down some key facts:

  • Our systems are powered by German company NFON. They have a presence in 14 countries in Europe with 10,000+ Enterprise customers
  • Our Cloud Phone System provides a quadruple internet redundancy uplink – ensuring a 99.99% availability / uptime SLA.
  • Chess has the ONLY white-labelled offering in UK making us a Tier 1 Carrier, equivalent to Telefonica.


How has Chess Cloud PBX benefited our customers?

Understanding the business benefits of Cloud telephony is important. We have outlined a couple of industries where our solutions have delivered cost-savings, flexibility and remote working.

Recruitment Company – Manchester, London and International and growing fast

Overall cost savings, especially around Telephone Conferencing because the business has an international presence. With our Cloud solution, we provided mobility for staff all over the world and enabled huge cost savings on international calls.

Estate Agent – Branch Offices and spiralling costs

One system replaced 5 separate systems meaning immediate cost savings. Because the business had a number of mobile workers, our cloud solution enabled flexible workers who are always available.

Take Away Restaurant

Cloud telephony, immediately allowed for time controlled services to ensure bookings were not missed. This integration with their ordering system ensured excellent customer service and improved efficiencies with DECT handsets saving time running to and from the kitchen.

New Startup – Health and Beauty business

The biggest consideration for all start ups is costs – Cloud telephony is perfect, as it ensures a low cost and professional telephone solution. An added bonus, the mobile app allows calls to be taken anywhere at any time.


The key benefits of cloud? (broken down)

Cloud telephony has countless business benefits; we’ve outlined areas where our customers are seeing real wins…


  • 150+ functions for any business size
  • Integration of all devices and workstations
  • Hosted in Europe with 99.9% availability
  • Life-long update guarantee



  • Plug & Play technology via web interface
  • Add or remove extensions at any time
  • Work from Anywhere
  • One single tariff


Cost advantages

  • No investment in PBX systems
  • Minimal operating overheads


Added benefits

  • Lower TCO by up to 70%
  • Future-proof with cloud technology
  • Automatic updates
  • Customised and flexible for any customer requirement
  • Maximum scalability
  • Optimal integration into business processes


Did you know Cloud PBX has over 150 features as well?  (here’s a few)

  • Mobile - Integrated mobile workforce worldwide with one landline number.
  • Site Networking - Set up any extensions with just one click — anytime, anywhere.
  • Virtual Conference - HD Meeting by phone, even with 50 colleagues, employees or customers.
  • CTI - Seamless link between PBX and customer data.
  • Queues - Company is always available, line never busy.
  • Time Controlled & Skilled Based Routing - Configure personal voicemail and reach ability.
  • Skype for Business - Skype fully integrated into cloud service.
  • Call Recording - Ad Hoc or Permanent (PCI DSS and MiFID II compliant)
  • Contact Centre- Multi channel for voice, web chat, social media, SMS and email.


Cloud telephony can play nicely with computer systems…

We have developed a Cloud phone system, that can work seamlessly with your computer systems.

  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Allows PC or Mac applications to manage telephone calls

CTI has the ability to:

  • Match the number of a caller with a customer record, display it for reference.
  • Outbound “Click to Dial”.
  • Based on call input, initiate a smart agent application to provide help with the caller's request.



To install a Cloud Telephony solution, you need some simple requirements:

  • Ethernet, EFM, EoFTTC, FTTC, LLU
  • Only 100kbps upload for each concurrent call
  • Quality of Service (QoS) enabled on the network

Working with Talk Talk Business – our Private Interconnect ensures calls route straight through to the Cloud PBX system.


So what are the real world benefits of Cloud Telephony?

  • Can be designed as simple or as complex as required.
  • Simple administration for adding moves and changes.
  • Fully scalable with fixed monthly costs.
  • Not reliant on ISDN (decommissioned in 2025 – no new orders from 2020).
  • Site link ups from day one – no complex configurations.
  • Simple for office relocations, home workers and people on the road.
  • All updates to the core system provided free for the life of the contract.
  • Use your preferred device when you want be it a traditional handset, DECT phone, softphone, mobile app, Skype for business client (PC and Mobile enabled).
  • Call costs included.
  • Built in disaster recovery plan.
  • Save money on company mobile costs.


Why is better than a traditional phone system?

  • Can be designed as simple or as complex as required
  • Simple administration for adds, moves and changes
  • Fully scalable with fixed monthly costs
  • Not reliant on ISDN (decommissioned in 2025 – no new orders from 2020)
  • Site link ups from day one – removes complicated configurations
  • Simple for office relocations, home workers and people on the road
  • All updates to the core system provided free for the life of the contract
  • Use your preferred device when you want, be it a traditional handset, DECT phone, softphone, mobile app
  • International numbers
  • Built in disaster recovery plan


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