Operation CyberThistle

Operation CyberThistle is a focused Cyber initiative for Scotland to help you with your journey to a safe, secure and robust Cyber environment.


  • Operation CyberThistle can help fast-track cyber security levels by up to 80%!
  • Cyber security excellence can help organisations to manage the 2018 GDPR regulatory expectations
  • Cyber Essentials can increase your organisational efficiency and help you meet compliance requirements
  • Attract more potential new business with a Cyber Essentials certification of Cyber quality assurance and control
  • Improve users’ Cyber awareness through adoption of a dynamic new Cyber culture
  • Reduce reputational risk and build your Cyber trust profile with your customers, partners and suppliers.

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Certification Options

Cyber Essentials

ID Cyber Solutions is a Certification Body for The Cyber Essentials scheme. This is a Government-backed Scheme that provides businesses of all sizes with clarity on good basic cyber security practice. By focusing on basic cyber hygiene, your company will be better protected from the most common cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus is the step above Cyber Essentials which involves a detailed on-site vulnerability assessment of your organisation carried out by our cyber security experts. Completing the certification allows you to display the official Cyber Essentials Plus badge and as Cyber Essentials Plus covers many relevant subject areas, gives you the perfect foundation to easily launch your organisation into other certifications such as ISO 27001.

I am delighted to endorse ID Cyber. ID Cyber has quickly established itself as a strong, credible and innovate company who is close partner not only to SBRC but also to Police Scotland. We have worked extremely closely with Ian Kerr, Cary and the rest of the team over the last couple of years and have been hugely impressed by their passion, their commitment to supporting even the smallest of companies who otherwise might not be able to afford such expertise, while continuing also to forge ahead with new innovation and new ways of delivering. Just this year, ID Cyber has been one of the top winners at the Scottish Cyber Awards which was very well deserved.  I am delighted to support their ambition and their vision.

Mandy Haeburn-Little, Chief Executive
Scottish Business Resilience Centre Ltd


How we can help...

Operation: Cyber Thistle

Winners at the Scottish Cyber Awards in 2017, ID Cyber Solutions has teamed up with multi-award winning, Chess CyberSecurity, combining its extensive and expert capabilities to help your business combat cybercrime and become certified in Operation: Cyber Thistle.

Together, we are a highly motivated and passionate team of Cyber and ICT experts who are on a mission to make Scotland’s organisations more cyber secure by delivering cyber secure solutions from within Scotland, for Scotland, via our three Scottish locations.

The Process

ID Cyber Solutions carry out a detailed on-site vulnerability assessment of your organisation (Cyber Essentials Plus). If your organisation does not pass, the results of the scan are then sent over to Chess CyberSecurity and their team can offer many different solutions to help you on your way to becoming certified:

Option 1

  1. Remote session to look at areas of improvement
  2. Remediation session online, single or multiple sessions as necessary
  3. Additional solution assistance as appropriate

Option 2

  1. Remediation session onsite
  2. Remediation as necessary following scoping call, scan results, online assessment results
  3. Additional solution assistance as appropriate

Option 3

  1. Managed Support, partial or complete security management Remediation session online, single or multiple sessions as necessary
  2. Additional solution assistance as appropriate
  3. Additional layer of support as appropriate to assist with ongoing security

The results from Chess CyberSecurity are once again passed to ID Cyber Solutions ready for the final scan and certification.


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