Essential reading for organisations in both the private and public sector, this week's report details the real cost and impact of cybercrime in the UK.

There's an interesting theme emerging. It seems that the measures being put in place by cyber-savvy organisations are paying off - while those yet to implement robust strategies continue to be preyed upon by hackers. Significantly, of the 32% of businesses identifying breaches or hacks in the last year, almost half fell victim at least once a month.

31% of businesses report having carried out a cyber risk assessment in the last 12 months - that's up from 24% last year. If you're one of the remaining 69%, you may well be on the hackers hit list for 2019. The Chess Buyer's Guide to Pen Testing outlines what to look for when considering cyber risk assessment, or contact one of our Cyber specialists on 0330 107 1860.