Purchasing pcs, laptops, tablets and phones for your organisation can be expensive, time consuming and unpredictable. Getting rid of out of date, unreliable and unsupported devices isn’t always straightforward either – so obsolete kit can easily start piling up.  But what if there was a way to get the tech you needed, kept up to date, and with zero waste, all at an affordable, set monthly cost? Introducing Devices from Chess.

The smart way to refresh your IT.

Equip your people to work anywhere, anytime; collaborating better and keeping you ahead of the competition. 

Lease your device over 24 months, then refresh your agreement, picking a from the latest ranges, return the device with no end of lease fee to pay, or retain the device, paying just the fair market value sum agreed. 

It's the purchase model that more and more organisations like yours are opting for.

Contact us today - and join the Digital Revolution.