GDPR: Are You Ready?

Here’s a re-cap of the topics we covered in the series: 

Video 1

We discussed the main requirements of the GDPR, the differences between the current and existing DPA and the new responsibilities placed on businesses in the protection of Data.

Video 2

We spoke about the legal definition of Personal Information and how obtaining a clear understanding of this will help your business identify the correct privacy practices to adopt.

Video 3

The next video was based around debunking some of the myths surrounding the GDPR and helping you focus on the key areas of the Regulation, rather than the scary consequences should something go wrong.

Video 4

In our next update we briefly covered the Data Protection Bill, the areas this covers and why it should be treated with the same level of importance as the GDPR. 

Video 5 - Video 6 - Video 7 - Video 8

We covered more operational aspects of the Regulation, such as the role of the Data Protection Officer, the importance they have on your Governance Programme and the protection they provide a business. We then covered some of the Data Protection principles, particularly Lawful Processing and the rules around Marketing Consent.

Video 9

We then focused on what to do in the event of a Data Breach, paying particular attention to containing the issue, notifying the data subjects and submitting your report to the ICO.

Video 10

Here, we covered the importance of defining your Internal Data Privacy Policy and we gave you some pointers on the key areas you'll need to focus on within this document.

Video 11

We spoke about Internal Training. Throughout our series we covered a lot of the vulnerabilities and the risks within the various areas of GDPR, however the recurring risk is always your People.  Building a culture of awareness around data privacy is key towards the delivery of a successful Information Governance Programme. 

Video 12

Our Final video went through the basic principles of a Data Privacy Impact Assessment form and we documented the key points which need to be demonstrated through this process.

GDPR comes into force on the 25th May and will have far-reaching implications for us all. We recommend that you re-visit our video series and also check out the ICO's website, where you can find further guidance and supporting documents.

Thanks for watching our GDPR video series and good luck on your journey towards GDPR compliance.