The telecom service offering has transitioned from the expensive traditional solutions to cloud products. The digital revolution in the industry led to increased competition, lower margins and new risks. Hence, businesses now focus not only on generating sales, but also optimising their revenue management.

One of the priorities for telcos has become Revenue Assurance. Auditing revenue streams and improving billing systems is a crucial component in an operator’s growth strategy.

The process we go through with our customers would be to analyse their system identify areas where they can make more money. We then implement the recommendations that can be applied on the day, followed by reports on changes to highlight how much extra revenue has been generated. The revenue assurance service we offer includes a general overview of the system and resolve any integrity issues.

Based on our specialists’ experience, we identified 3 main areas that telecom businesses struggle with.

• Margins

Margins in the telecom industry are tight. Simple tweaks to the way supply costs are translated into sell tariffs can have a huge impact on the monthly billing. This can either be achieved by utilising the advanced Ebillz tariffing, or by introducing Promotional Plans. We can analyse a Partners’ Profit and Loss statement to advise what kind of profit margin they could expect.

• Recursive and Service charges

The next component to be examined would be the Recursive and Service charges and whether all of these are being captured and passed on to the end user. A large proportion of today’s billing revenue is generated by the monthly fees and recurring charges. However, you need to make sure you are capturing all this revenue. Through our Revenue Assurance programme, we can advise where a Partner can make changes to their processes to streamline and capture all costs.

• Time

Time is the most valuable commodity but, especially in small business, it is recognised we are always running short on it. For this reason, revenue assurance analysis can be a task that keeps getting postponed. However, this delay can cost your business money. Our billing experts can take away the time consuming but essential task of looking at the health of your billing revenue stream.

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