On Tuesday 5th March, Chess Customer Service Director, Emma Stott and her team headed up to London to celebrate being part of this prestigious awards event.   

Emma comments. The journey to customer service excellence is a long road, but it’s a passion we are particularly proud to be recognised for. Our team have worked so hard to make improvements to our customer service commitment and I am delighted that their effort and dedication has been acknowledged through this nomination.”

We ask Emma where the journey to customer service excellence begins? 

She explains. “It’s rooted in the Chess company vision;


‘a great place to work, a great place to be a customer’


We already knew we were ‘a great place to work’ as evidenced by ten years in 'The Sunday Times Best Companies Award', but we lacked the quantitative data to measure the voice of our customers, so we set about researching our customer journeys and the process for requesting and collating feedback:  

  • We commissioned surveys be conducted by Gartner and the ICS to help us understand our customers better.

The research results helped us to to identify key areas within the team that we needed to improve. We implemented strategies to support the overall improvement:

  • Better overall team communication.
  • Six monthly customer surveys and results reported to senior management.
  • A monthly Customer Passion Hero Award for consistent great performance.
  • Team incentives through the ‘Gimme 5’ holiday prize draw. Award ‘chips’ given to our people for great service moments.

 We went on to create the ‘Voice of the Customer’ by:

  • Mapping “the perfect call journey”.
  • Training the wider team to ensure consistency during calls.
  • Training the wider team in understanding what a “perfect call” looks like.
  • Creating a Voice of the Customer feedback tool on CRM empowering every person within Customer Support to make suggestions of how we can improve.

We now regularly measure through Net Promoter Score, Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction.  We also do a ‘We’re Listening’ survey which provides feedback directly from our customers.  All findings are fed in to our Customer Experience Team and, where appropriate, added to our roadmap of improvements.

Since July 2018, Chess has been using Bright Navigator to provide us with access to real-time, actionable feedback from our customers.

We’re focused on improving our survey and our response rates. The more feedback we gather, the better we understand our customers and the more we can do to make Chess

 ‘a great place to be a customer’

and so, the journey continues …”