The Apple iPhone X was recently announced as the highest-selling smartphone in the world, with 16 million units sold in the first three months of this year alone, despite many predicting that the price hike would put some buyers off. The demand for good quality equipment like smartphones and tablets is on the rise, but so is the cost of such technology.


The Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) is the UK’s leading trade association for consumer credit, whose members include banks and manufacturing companies. Last year alone they provided a total of £128bn in finance. £96bn of this was in the form of consumer credit, including £44bn for the purchase of cars and £32bn to businesses and the public sector for investment in new equipment - which made up nearly one third of UK investment in machinery, equipment and software purchases in 2017.


Traditionally, leasing has been viewed as a commodity limited to household equipment or larger ticket purchases like cars. However, we can now see a shift away from this as people and businesses look to invest in advanced tech and equipment. Smartphones and tablets now cost more than the average TV, so it makes sense to have a leasing solution for mobile devices.


Having listened to our partners’ needs, Chess Partner has bridged the gap in the leasing market. Partnered with Henry Howard Finance, one of the UK’s leading business finance providers, Simplicity offers the best solution to your mobile device business equipment needs. Simplicity means that your customers won’t need to compromise on the quality of the equipment itself and the expensive upfront cost that comes with it.


As well as being competitive by offering affordability for new and expensive kit, partners can also benefit from an improvement in cash flow by earning a commission with every deal. Partners also receive extensive support from Chess Partner’s team of experts, who do all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to!


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