1. Group FaceTime

No doubt, one of the most talked about upcoming features of iOS 12 from the conference was that of Group FaceTime. The long-awaited feature will allow for up to 32 participants at once. Designed like a conference call, the live demo previewed the feature which enlarges the icon of whoever is speaking on the call, making it more interactive.

2. Augmented Reality

Apple also introduced ARKit 2, a coding platform for developers to bring us augmented reality within iOS 12 apps. ‘Measure’ was also introduced, the AR app acts as a virtual measuring tape, allowing you to point at an object with your Apple device and measure objects in real life.


Teaming up with Pixar, USDZ and Quicklook from Apple will allow us to place realistic looking 3D animated objects into the real world to gauge how they would look, while making it easy to share within the operating system into apps like Safari and Messages.

4. macOS Mojave

A new operating system called Mojave is coming and will include a ‘dark mode’ allowing you to view your apps and system in the new darker setting. The announcement was music to all developers ears with the prospect of Xcode in dark mode being an exciting one. ‘Dynamic Desktop’ was also announced, where the desktop will visually change depending on the time of day.

5. Memoji

Following on from the popularity of Animoji, we can now look forward to Memoji, an animated version of yourself rather than the emoji’s. You will be able to customise the emoji to match you and send it through to your contacts and even use them on FaceTime!

6. Siri & Shortcuts

Siri is set to become much smarter and iOS 12 promises lots of features to help make our lives easier. Adding shortcuts to Siri within apps will soon become possible where certain phrases will activate Siri to engage with apps. You will even be able to place an order for your morning coffee, all suggested by Siri.

7. Notifications

Upcoming improvements to notifications include a do not disturb mode at bedtime, that will allow you to avoid notifications flooding your lock screen first thing in the morning, instead you’ll be able to simply tap when you decide you’re ready to face your notifications. You will even be able to send them to the notification centre rather than to your lock screen.

8. watchOS 5

Apple also gave us a preview of watch OS5. New features will include fun fitness competitions that you can challenge friends to, and a new walkie talkie feature which will allow you to record and send messages directly from your Apple Watch!

9. App Allowances

Almost every teenager has a Smartphone. Recognising this, Apple will now be introducing a ‘cure’ with new allowance features. You’ll soon be able to set allowances for the time spent on apps, the device will notify you of how much time you’ve spent on an app and even lock you out once you’ve reached your limit.

10. Weekly Activity Summary

For those of us who don’t need allowances for apps, Apple will also have a weekly activity summary which will let you see just how much time you spend on your apps and keep an eye on your device usage. The activity will tell you which apps send you the most notifications and allow you to set allowances if you so wish.

Many of us left feeling underwhelmed with the lack of hardware announcements at this year’s WWDC and we have yet to wait to use the new operating systems or features announced. Without a set date from Apple, we can expect to see the launch some time in autumn this year.

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