Over the past 18 months, the course delegates have been working on practical and online assignments covering a range of subjects to support their personal and professional development.

Subjects have included;

  • Knowing Yourself
  • Building Confidence
  • Decision Making
  • Limiting Beliefs and Imposter Syndrome
  • Building Resilience and Action Planning

Presenting on chosen topics, both peer to peer and to senior female leaders, have helped women build confidence. They’ve been able to think about and develop role model behaviours and create detailed action plans for their own personal development.

Lauren Turner, who took part in the programme, said:

“The MFPP workshop took me by surprise. It was encouraging, emotional, informative and engaging! So much effort went in to making the programme diverse and relevant – it opens your eyes to hear stories from others, sharing best practice and realising you’re not alone.

I came away with a huge boost of confidence and I feel more equipped to be able to discuss my aspirations with my line manager – the toolkit we took away is going to really support and help me restructure my path.“

Chess partners with Women to Work, an external company who support organisations in the creation of sustainable gender balance, while encouraging individual women to define and create a fulfilling work life.

Women to Work performed an extensive research project at Chess, to understand what would work best for the company. Chess are encouraging women in the organisation to ‘Be Brave’ as part of an effort to maximise female potential, improve the gender balance across the organisation and increase the number of women at senior levels.

“Studies show that women don’t put themselves forward for opportunities as often as men,” said Kate Wood, Director of Culture.

“This is a global issue and we want to make sure every single woman feels empowered to achieve her potential and have the work life she needs”

Chess run three MFPPs for its women:

  • Courageous Women, designed for all non-managers
  • Maximising Female Potential, for team leaders
  • Being a Role Model, for senior female leaders

On attending the graduation ceremony, the team at Women to Work told Chess:

"Women to Work continue to be inspired by the motivation and enthusiasm of the women on the Chess Empowering Women Programme. Last week saw the end of the Maximising Female Potential Programme with an afternoon workshop, the culmination of all the work that had been done on the programme. This was a highly interactive afternoon with a fabulous group of dedicated female team leaders, whose enthusiastic participation for all we covered from thinking about “Having a Voice and Making an Impact at Chess" to pulling together their “Leadership Career Plan”, was outstanding. Congratulations and thank you to all those completing the Maximising Female Potential Programme at Chess.”

A huge congratulations to all those that have graduated the first MFPP. We expect to see great things!