The Parent Champions were introduced earlier this year and we now have a team of eight ambassadors across Chess.

Our People Support Team meet with all prospective parents and talk through the relevant policies, the process and their rights. The meeting will also include information about what happens with holidays, benefits and pay. You’ll be asked if you’d like People Support to share some basic information with the Parent Champions, one of whom would then make contact should you consent. People Support remain the key point of contact concerning formal queries whereas the Parent Champions offer support from personal experiences.

In this blog, we will hear from our Parent Champions, learning more about them and their families, why they became a Parent Champion, and the benefits for parents at Chess.

Let’s start with Bee..

Bee Taylor-Shah

My name is Bee. I am a mum of two very active boys. Archer is four and can’t wait to start “big school” in September. Jack is 1½ and copies everything his brother does. I love working as part of the Knowledge Team at Chess, as well as being a Cultural Architect, Parent Champion, and running the Arts Club – Life is busy but fun!

We have so much support here at Chess. I proposed the idea of Parent Champions on my return from maternity leave in January after having Jack. We are so lucky to work for an organisation where if you have an inspired idea you are empowered to fulfill your vision.

Be it taking the hassle out of anything Chess parents may need whilst on leave, supporting someone settling back into work, or to bounce something off us before, during or after,

Parent Champions are here as informal points of contact for Chess parents – Us lot who know the joys of having kids! It means so much to be a Parent Champion. I feel as though we make a fundamental difference in this role every day. We are a voice and support for other Chess Parents.

I loved the company conference theme this year – Chess Family. We absolutely are that here. It meant so much when they announced that Chess are looking at ways to ensure better support for our people during this life-changing time, including payment provisions. A lot of people, including myself, may not have felt as confident coming back to work as when we left, so it can really help to speak to someone who has recently been through it themselves.

There are so many benefits for parents working at Chess. Flexible and part-time working hours are considered to fit around you. The Harvest Festival rule also applies, where you can take time off to go and see that play or be there for that settling in day without having to take annual leave. You just make up the hours another time, it’s give and take. Another benefit is health insurance where your children can be added to your policy for free and are covered for the same amount as you are. Improved maternity and paternity packages are being provided. The annual Chesstival is a hit where you bring your family along for fun, food and rides – my boys love it!