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The rise of the cloud applications

Millennials will comprise at least 50% of the workforce by 2020. They are changing the way we do business. Flexibility is becoming the most crucial aspect of work nowadays and the typical 9 to 5 day is no more. This leads to the rise of cloud-based applications enabling a mobile-first world. Research shows that the number of applications used within SMBs is set to grow to 7 on average from 3 within the following years.

Projects are executed differently

The agile way of working inspires greater inter-team collaboration. The cloud apps aim to empower the digital transformation making working together easier, quicker and from multiple devices. In order to make data accessible like this, it is stored on the cloud. It has been projected that by the end of this year, more than 80% of business will rely on hosted solutions for the majority of their business operations.


Accessing company information from different points can create holes in your security and endanger customer data. To ensure compliance, business owners need to consider how they can safeguard the devices they and their employees use.

Recent studies show that 39% of people have downloaded malware onto a mobile device, while 10 million are lost every year in the UK alone.

At the same time, the number of people using their own tech or working remotely is growing, leaving companies vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

O2 Digital Services Guide


MaaS360 is an easy-to-use mobile device management platform, which enables customers to manage and secure their mobile devices.

A new EU Regulation governing the way UK companies handle their customer's personal information will come into force in May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has critical implications for all businesses, as they create strict guidelines for the processing of personal data.

MaaS360 offers quick and easy security management helping your customers to control device downloads, secure network access, reduce security risks, avoid network lapses, and wipe lost or stolen devices.

Microsoft Office 365

Whatever your customers are working on, they'll be able to access the same documents, email, calendars, contacts and more. So, it's easy to pick up right where they left off. No matter where they are. With a quarter of SMBs having at least 50% of their employees working remotely, the option to work from different devices is a necessity for your customers.

Customers can choose the Office 365 version that’s right for their business. Whatever the size of their business, whatever they’re doing, there’s a version of Office 365 to suit any needs and budget.

Mobile Voice Recording

O2 Mobile Voice Recording is a next-generation mobile recording solution that captures calls and text messages made and received on any mobile device regardless of the operating system.

From January 2018, it is a legal requirement to record all telephone conversations and electronic communications relating to financial transactions. Help your customers adapt to call recording legislation with the Mobile Recording product.

O2 is the first mobile operator to achieve certification from NICE Systems for SIP on NICE Trading Recording (NTR).


Box is a safe online storage tool built for businesses of all sizes that helps keep everything in one place. All your customers' team's files are stored in the cloud so everyone in the team can access, edit, comment and share any of the files in real time from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Box allows you to target a wide audience. It works with Mac and PC, Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry. Moreover, because it can handle virtually any kind of file format, your customers will be able to view files even if they don't have the software. Box enables customers to protect important data against fire, flood or theft. Plus, it can be easily linked to thousands of apps.

New O2 Digital Products Incentive

Win over the Digital Generation of businesses and get yourself a brand-new Apple Watch.

To sweeten the deal we are giving away two Apple watches. To win you need to be among our top two Partners with the highest number of O2 digital product licences sold until the end of April 2019.

The incentive will run between 1st of February 2019 and 30th April 2019. We will contact the winners the first week in May 2019. To win you need to be among the two partners with the highest number of O2 digital products licences sold within that period.

If you still have questions about O2, our programme and how we can enable your growth, do not hesitate to contact our Business Development Team on 0330 102 5627 or sales@chesspartner.co.uk.