Nearly 300 security professionals flocked to network and hear our top speakers and sponsors discuss all the latest in the world of cybersecurity.

A massive thank you must be said to our six security sponsors, Logpoint, Egress, Sophos, Thycotic, Quorum and Radware. Each of their breakouts provided an excellent overview of their products and skillsets for our delegates.

The Speakers

We welcomed back our old friend Graham Cluley, along with keynotes from both F.C. and Dr Jessica Barker. We even had a live on-stage recording of Smashing Security.

Cluley, who has been at the forefront of cybersecurity for over 20 years and has worked for some of the biggest companies in the field, opened the conference. This year, his focus was on unbelievable stories of cyber horror. He explored some of the more surprising and unusual ways that companies have been hacked, and the craziest things they’ve done to put data at risk.

Cluley entertained the crowd with a story of the controversial dating website ‘Beautiful People’. The website allows visitors to judge users on their physical attractiveness as a basis of whether they can be a member or not. His tale described how the site had invented a virus threat, ‘the Shrek virus’, as a publicity stunt. He also retold an account of how Eddie Tipton fiddled the random number calculator of the lottery to radically increase his chances of winning.

Dr Jessica Barker took to the stage after Cluley, following on from his talk about the malicious insider threat with her own keynote exploring the non-malicious insider. She discussed how humans are often viewed as the weakest link in cybersecurity, and how this doesn’t always provide the full picture of a situation. Her talk also explored how to better empower and raise awareness, mitigating against this non-malicious accidental insider.

Chess’ own Penetration Test team Carl Williams and Stuart White took their turn after lunch, wowing the audience with their live SQL injection attack, outlining where a malicious attack can potentially lead – credential theft of even a foothold on your network. It set the tone nicely for our following keynote speaker, F.C, well-known ethical hacker and social engineer.

F.C really used his PowerPoint skills and had the audience laughing at many of his slides. His keynote offered a broader overview of cybersecurity, raising awareness about the types of attacks nations across the globe are performing on one another.

After the second breakout sessions of the day, it was time to settle back in for the much-anticipated Smashing Security Live podcast with Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault. The industry veterans dished out their hot topics and industry gossip. The Podcast was recently voted the ‘best security podcast’ at Infosec and did not disappoint!

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Each event rounded off with our own Conference Chair Jez Turner dishing out the prizes, with branded hoodies and Amazon Echoes up for grabs.

The Sponsors

It’s no secret that ST18 is a great place for CyberSecurity and IT professionals to gather and share information and ideas. The breaks offered a fantastic opportunity for delegates to network, and our six security sponsors were all keen to discuss their product and skill set with our customers. Sophos, Egress, LogPoint, Thycotic, Radware and Quorum each had a table at the events and if you got in early enough there were even some free goodies up for grabs!

The day presented the chance to spend time with four of our six sponsors. Delegates had a tough choice to make deciding which 30-minute technical showcase to attend, but there was something for everyone to learn. Morning and afternoon sessions broke up the day and covered a wide range of topical issues and solutions.

The Venues

Duxford and St Pancreas were among the usual suspects for our venue choices. We also tried out two new venues in Edinburgh and Manchester this year and they did not disappoint!

London’s St Pancras took the biscuit for best food... just check out this afternoon cheese and meat board! Delicious.

Interested in this year’s highlights? Check out this short video.

Finally, we want to say a massive thank you to all our delegates for taking the time to attend SecureTour18!

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