The UK is a Global Tech Leader

The digital tech sector is growing twice as fast as the UK economy, and is worth an astounding £184bn. With no signs of this slowing anytime soon, this is good news for the future of tech in the UK.

London is the third most connected ecosystem in the world. However, growth is not limited to just the Capital. The hubs of technology are in other areas of the UK, such as Guildford, Aldershot, Slough and Heathrow, which have some of the highest rates of employment and turnover of all UK clusters, where digital tech density is far higher than the UK average. These areas help the UK cement its place as a global tech leader.


Women in Technology

Just 19% of the digital tech workforce are women, compared to 49% across other jobs in the UK.

This statistic highlights the lack of gender diversity in the tech industry, compared with other sectors and workforces in the UK.


Other weaknesses experienced in the tech sector (Top 3) and addressed in the report included:

  • Access to talent
  • Access to funding
  • Bad transport links


Tech Communities within the UK

The UK’s tech community is highly connected, with its 1.6-million-member strong community spread across 283 locations. Tech meetups were also found to be extremely inclusive and collaborative, with 91% of UK groups open for all to attend.


Other strengths included:

  • An appealing area
  • A helpful tech community
  • Proximity to a university


Collaboration is key to success of SMEs. Meetings between Universities and the tech community provide an opportunity for working together and creating an ecosystem that supports the growth of the UK’s tech industry.


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