Although us westerners might associate our curly tailed friends with some less than desirable traits, Chinese culture dictates a completely different image. Due to the important role they play in agriculture, pigs represent wealth, treasure and prosperity.

The legend of the Pig

The Chinese zodiac cycle lasts 12 years and legend has it that the Jade Emperor decided to have a grand race, and all the animals in the kingdom were invited. A dozen animals arrived, namely the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The Jade Emperor rewarded each animal by naming a year on the Chinese zodiac calendar after them, arranged according to their order of arrival.

Now, you might have noticed that the Pig was the last to the party. Some earlier readings of the Chinese zodiac origin story will blame the Pig's lateness down to sheer laziness. Today’s Chinese astrologers know better and tend to emphasise the pig's industriousness. It’s now quite clear he was simply working late in the office.

What does the Chinese year of the Pig mean for your Business?

The pig, associated with the Earth in Chinese culture, is a very grounded animal. The pig may be a symbol of wealth, but astrologers say that it doesn’t mean this year will bring in easy money. To make the pig work hard for you, you’ll need to put in some elbow grease to achieve success. Skye Schooley from Business News Daily claims;

‘Considering the year of the pig and what it represents, it may be best to avoid any major business decisions or career moves. This year should be focused on keeping your head down and creating efficiency in your current business structure’

Employee satisfaction

This year is an excellent time to focus your energy on your greatest asset – your people. Focusing on employee growth and satisfaction will create an excellent platform for 2020 ( the year of the Rat). The Rat promises a year of major transitions to your business. The investment you make into your employees in 2019 will keep you and them in good stead for big change on the horizon.

Customer interaction

This year is a fantastic time to really connect with your customers. Motivational speaker Lisa Wang says:

‘The Pig gives a huge opportunity to really connect with your customers through honesty, transparency and fantastic service. Customers will be receptive to your business campaigns, but they will not respond kindly to any company that dares to oversell. The zodiac pig success in business is tied to righteously balanced marketing efforts."

Superstitions and taboos

In addition to these pig-specific business projections, there are some general taboos and superstitions around the Chinese New Year that you should stay well clear of. Breaking any of these legendary rules threatens a year of bad luck so be sure to avoid; breaking any ceramics or glass, saying any negative words, cleaning or sweeping, or giving new years blessings to someone that’s in bed! Granted, some of those may be harder than others.

Whether you plan to take head of our suggestions, or consider them mumbo jumbo, we hope the year of the pig brings you and your business good luck, wealth and fortune.