It’s exciting times for tech lovers across the world as Vodafone announce they will be launching 5G The UK is one of the first to benefit on 3rd July alongside Spain, Germany and Italy.

Vodafone is the first to announce the launch date, however it’s likely their competitors will follow shortly, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks.

Although the UK is only one of the 5G ready countries, we are very much leading the way for others. The first of the cities that will experience the lightning fast data are Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool and London. Birkenhead, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Guildford, Newbury, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Reading, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington and Wolverhampton will follow later this year.

Both business and consumers will be eligible for the upgrade however there are a few caveats. You’ll need a 5G ready device, all of these are yet to be confirmed however the few that have include Samsung Galaxy S10 & Huawei Mate X.

Alongside making sure your device is compatible you’ll have to upgrade your contract, costs are yet to be confirmed.

5G is set to lead the way for communication as it will allow a seamless connection in busy areas such as office buildings, airports and railway stations, meaning business users are always connected to their customers and colleagues.

To learn more about the future of 5G watch our conference panellist video.

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