Cloud PBX

Powerful combination of unified communications, collaboration and shared infrastructure

Better communication, simplified support and reduced cost

Intelligent functions

150+ features with automatic updates to maximise productivity

High savings potential

No initial investment, minimal operating overhead

Reliable and easy to use

Failure resistant server, simple to setup and operate

With our next generation telephone system, not only will you enjoy optimal voice quality but you can also expect highest security standard. Businesses can deploy basic telephones, sophisticated feature phones, soft phones and mobile devices to enable individuals to work from any location.



Highest quality 

Being a TÜV certified, industry leading phone system, we can guarantee optimal voice quality for every call you make.


No infrastructure required

Cloud communications is attractive to customers who want to avoid up front capital expenditure and / or want a communications service at a highly predictable cost


Halve your telephone costs

No investments cost in hardware for your system apply. Calls between your locations are also free of charge, globally – you can save up to 50% of overall costs.


Wide range of features

Organisations with sophisticated or specific needs could document requirements and choose required features when moving from an on premise PBX. Software update is included so you are covered for new features.



Hosted solutions are well suited to businesses that need to respond to new opportunities and changing market conditions. Quick adjustment to extensions and other communication need is very easy to achieve – taking only 10 mins to set up an extension.


Easy to use

Compared to traditional solutions, Chess Cloud PBX is far more user friendly with its intuitive web interfaces. User can easily manage, monitor and make changes to services anytime, anywhere.


Highly secured data centre

We are meticulous in our attention to detail when it comes to data security, toll fraud prevention and detection and failure protection. With 2 geographically separated data centre you have double the protection.

Key Features


Integrate mobile workforce worldwide with one landline number only

Site networking

Set up extensions with just one click – anytime, anywhere

Virtual Conference

HD meeting by phone, with up to 50 colleagues, employees or customers.

Computer Telephony Integration

Seamless link between PBX and customer data


Your company is always available, line is never busy – never miss any opportunity

Time controlled / Skill based routing

Configure call routing, personal voice mail and reachability

Skype for Business

Skype fully integrated into cloud service   Download our full list of features – pdf-icon Download

All about Cloud PBX how to work smarter reduce costs

This Webinar was conducted on 28 January 2016.


Data Sheets

Cloud PBX data sheet

Download PDF


Cloud PBX Feature list

Download PDF


Cloud PBX Terminals

Download PDF

Ideal for

  • Business focusing on customer service
  • Business with multiple offices or with home and mobile workers
  • Deploying communication enabled business processes
  • Streamlining communication process and boosting productivity

Sales and Advice

0800 688 8858


Dedicated Cloud Expert Team

We will help manage your order and provide excellent ongoing support; training and user guide can also be provided to get you integrated into the cloud smoothly and quickly

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Not only do you get your own account manager, our UK based corporate customer service team is also at your service 24/7, 365.

Putting your business first

We aim to answer the phone within 3 rings and respond to queries within 4 hours because we understand the importance of communicaton

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