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Chess is one of the UK’s leading technology solutions providers. Every day, we help over 33,000 businesses be great places to work.

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For all queries please log a ticket on our Customer Portal by using the link below. We are prioritising our call answering service on 0344 770 6000 for customers with an urgent fault or who want to make a payment.

Logging a ticket is really quick and easy to do and once you have logged your ticket, we will respond within 24 hours or your Service Level Agreement, whichever is quicker. 



Cloud , Connect and Security

Monday - Friday 
9:00 - 17:00

0141 889 3088


Thank you for contacting us.

There is a quicker way to get your query resolved than email. We manage all queries through our online Customer Portal, unless it’s a call to report an urgent fault or to pay your bill. Once your query is logged on the ticket system, we’ll pick it up and reply in line with your service level agreement or within 24 hours, whichever is quicker. We do still respond to emails but this may take longer as we prioritise tickets over other forms of communication.

How do I access the Customer Portal?
Click HERE to access your Customer Portal account and log your query… it takes just a few minutes. If you haven’t used the Customer Portal before, our 2-minute video tour is a great way to see how easy it is to login, view invoices, make payments and use the ticket system. Watch HERE.

If you are experiencing issues logging into you Customer Portal account please report these at

Contact Sales
To contact our service area please log into the portal to log a ticket or call the appropriate number.
I agree for my information to be processed in accordance with the Chess Group Privacy Notice and used for marketing communications.


How to Find Us

Chess has grown both organically and through select strategic acquisitions that provide us with new, unique capabilities. Today, we have 6 locations across the UK, in Alderley Edge in Cheshire, Borehamwood in Hertfordshire, Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, Burnley in Lancashire and in Glasgow.

Cyber Office.png
CyberSecurity Office
Manor Park
Bury St Edmunds
IP31 2QR
Paisley Officr.jpg
Digital Glasgow Office
Abbey Mill Business Centre
12 Seedhill Road
ICT Alderley Office
Bridgford House Heyes Lane
Alderley Edge
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 12.11.45.png
ICT Burnley Office
Crown House Network 65 Business Pa​rk
BB11 5TE
Partner Office Borehamwood
1 Elstree Gate Elstree Way
Partner Office Abingdon
Barton Lane
OX14 3NB

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NEW - Logging into MyPortal

What is MyPortal?

MyPortal is our new online customer tool, designed to give you more control over your account. You can view your bill, manage your account and enjoy many other features developed to make our service better for you. We’ve created a short video to help you to navigate around the site with ease.

Where can I find MyPortal?

You can navigate to MyPortal login here.

What information do I need to login to MyPortal?

You will need the primary email address associated with your business and the business name EXACTLY as it appears on your last bill.

My Portal won’t let me login?

The most common reason for login difficulties is an incorrect email address or incorrect business name. Check you have entered your information as it appears on your last bill. The system is case sensitive and will not allow login if you have put in any additional spaces.

My email address is not recognised?

The email address must be the primary or financial contact associated with your business. If your email address has changed you will need to update this by speaking to our Dedicated Customer Service team on 0344 770 6000 and we will guide you through the process.

I clicked on ‘Forgot my Password’ but the email with a temporary password hasn’t been sent to me?

Check your junk mail folder to see if it has been directed there. Please repeat the login process. If you are still experiencing the same problem, you can speak to our dedicated Customer Service Team on 0344 770 6000 or email us at

I’ve asked for a ‘call back’ but I haven’t heard from you?

We are currently experiencing a high volume of calls. Please be assured we are aware of your request and we will call you at the earliest opportunity.

Why can’t I receive my bill as an email anymore?

We want to ensure that you are getting the very best service from us. We would like to encourage you to use MyPortal, which has been developed to ensure you can manage your account with ease and enjoy many other features developed to make our service better for you.

Can I view my bill online straight away?

Yes, you can view all your bills on MyPortal once you have completed the login process.

How do I change the name or address on my account?

Speak to our dedicated Customer Service Team at 0344 770 6000 and we will guide you through the process. You can also email your request to us at

Becoming a Customer
Do I need a BT landline to enjoy your services?
No, we can work with any type of landline across the UK or we can install a new one for you. 
Do I need to cancel my existing contract?
Cancelling an existing contract with your current provider may incur a significant charge. Speak to us on 0344 770 6000 so we can review your current services – we may be able to buy you out of your existing contract. 
What happens when I sign up to Chess?
We will contact your existing telecom provider and request a transfer of your service. We will send you a welcome letter containing a summary of your order and how you can register for your personal customer portal. Your existing supplier will also write to you informing you that you are cancelling your service with them.
What is fraud monitor?
Find out more on our Fraud Monitor page
Account and Billing
How often will I be charged?
Our invoices are generated in most cases monthly unless agreed in advance.
When will I receive my Bill?
You will normally receive your bill mid-month the following month.
When will I receive my first bill?
We will invoice you around the 12th of the following month after transfer date. Please note that you may also receive a bill from your previous supplier for service prior to transferring to Chess.
What is Pro-Rata Billing?
Here at Chess we use pro rata billing. So, as service charges are billed one month in advance, your first bill may include more than one month’s charges when your services first go live.
For example, if you move your line over to Chess on the 10th March, your first invoice will be for the period 10th March - 30th April.
This is charged at £6.77 pro rata for the March days (10th March - 31st March) and £10 for the April days. So the total invoice for the March - April billing period will be £16.77.
If you have any queries over your invoice, please log this via MyPortal and a member of Customer Service Team will get back to you promptly.
Why have I been charged more than one month’s line rental?
If your services have gone live mid-way through a month then you will be charged for the part of that month together with a month’s line rental in advance.
How do I pay?
Direct Debit
    1. You can set up a Direct Debit online by logging in to your Customer Portal, select ‘My Bills’ and click on ‘Set up a new Direct Debit’,
    2. Download a Direct Debit mandate by clicking HERE to download
    3. Call our dedicated team on 0344 770 6000 to set this up over the phone
Bank Transfer: Please make payment to Chess Ltd, Account Number: 63490742, Sort Code: 20-55-34, quoting Account Number
By Phone: Call our team on 0344 770 6000
How long does it take for my direct debit to be set up?
It normally takes about 10-14 days.
When is the direct debt taken from my account?
The date the direct debit will be collected is shown on the front page of your invoice.
Can I change the date that the direct debit comes out of my account?
Unfortunately not, we currently only have one direct debit collection date for the monthly invoices.
When do I need to pay in order to avoid late payment charges?
The payment date shown on the front page of the invoice.
Why is my bill different this month?
There may be different reasons for this. For example, you may have upgraded your service or changed your tariff. On rare occasions, we may have decreased or increased our charges, which we would have informed you of via email or post in advance.
Can I view my bill online?
Yes you can view all your bills online via your customer portal, if you haven’t already registered, it’s quick and simple click HERE
What is the customer portal?
It is your secure remote access to our website where you will be able to view your bills and manage your account.
Where can I find my account number?
Your account number can be found on your invoice, if you are unsure then call our dedicated Customer Service team on 0344 770 6000.
How do I do register for the customer portal?
It’s easy, all you need is your account number (format ABC1234) and to click HERE.
How do I change my billing preference?
All changes on how you wish to receive your bills (paper or email) can be made under the ‘My Account’ section of your Customer Portal.
How do I change the name or address on my account?
Speak to our Dedicated Customer Service team at 0344 770 6000 and we will guide you through the process.
Cloud PBX
What is Cloud PBX
Cloud PBX is a remotely hosted telephone system, data is stored and transferred over the internet rather than on a computer or piece of hardware sitting in your office. We have a PBX Project Team who utilise Prince 2 methodology to run and manage your project/install.
I have placed an order for a new PBX system, what happens next?
Once your order has been progressed via the sales person this is passed into commercial sign off team for validation and then assigned to a PM (project manager). Your assigned PM will then make contract with you to start the process.
I have an order open with PBX project team, what info do I need before I call them?
Your order will be assigned an individual PM to manage from start to finish, should you need to call, please have your PM name to hand, this will make sure you are quickly put through to the relevant person.
Number to Call
0344 770 6000
Project Timescales
Each project is unique depending on your specific requirements and scope – if you have set a timescale in mind please make your PM aware as quickly as possible so we can work together to achieve this goal.
If you still haven’t found your answer, simply log a support request on your Customer Self-Service Portal and our team will be in touch.
Cloud PBX Support
We’ve created a few helpful guides on how to complete some of the basic tasks on your Chess Cloud PBX.
Making a Call — Yealink T41P

Headset Calling — Yealink T41P

Hold — Yealink T41P

Phonebook Directory — Yealink T41P

Three Way Conference — Yealink T41P

Busy Lamp Pick Up — Yealink T41P

Group Pick Up — Yealink T41P

Setting Up a Conference Before the Customer Joins — Yealink T41P

Three Extension Pick Up

Three Pick Up — Yealink T41P

If you still haven’t found your answer, simply log a support request on your Customer Self-Service Portal and our team will be in touch.
Phone Lines and Calls
How long would it take to install a new line?
The average time required for a line installation are as below. The time is estimated from the day of contract agreement and subject to there being availability line plant to serve your premises with our Supplier.

Product Type

Service Level Agreement

Single Analogue Line

10-15 days


10-15 days


15-20 days


15-20 days

Broadband (depending on product type)

05-15 days

We use Openreach engineers and installation is subject to their availability, customer location and weather conditions. As we deal with so many variables sometimes installation can be quicker, or take longer. Whatever the circumstances we strive to offer the best experience for you, and make sure our services match your needs.
How long does it normally take to transfer my services to you?
It all depends on the type of order, OFCOM states that Transfers of Fixed Lines is 10 working days, ADSL is 5 working days unless migrating to Full LLU (MPF) then is 10 working days as the Line is Transferring too.
What happens if I'm Moving House?
You can check the following link to see if you are moving into the same exchange you are in now
  1. If you are in the same exchange on most instances you can retain your number
  2. If you are in different exchanges you will not be allowed to retain your number, But Chess has options so you can retain the number on a different product
What is an NGN?
  • An NGN is a Non Geographic number such as an 03 UK wide Number, 0800 Freephone, 0843, 0844, 0845 0871.
  • An NGN in simple terms is a telephone number people call. No equipment is needed; it is simply attached remotely to your landline or mobile or a hosted call handling service. Unlike Landline numbers they are geographically independent of any area of the UK’
What is a Virtual Number?
  • A Virtual Number are known as 01 / 02 numbers
  • A virtual number, also known as direct inward dialing (DID) or access number, is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to forward incoming calls to one of the pre-set telephone numbers.

Broadband and Internet
How fast is your broadband?
We have a range of different broadband services to suit our customers’ needs. The speed of your broadband is directly dependent on the distance you are from the exchange that serves your premises, this is the case for both ADSL and Fibre to the Cabinet. See our broadband packages HERE or speak to our broadband experts on 0344 770 6000.
Is there a maximum capacity to your service? Is there a limit on the number of computers that can use it?
Our broadband services vary in scale depending on our customers’ needs. We can tailor our Products and Services to suit every Business in the UK.
Is fibre optic broadband available in my area?
Thanks to the growth in this field, 75% of the UK can now get fibre optic broadband. If you’re not sure if your area has fibre optic broadband then contact us and we can let you know instantly. If this service is not available to you then we have various alternative options that will still provide you with an excellent service, at the best possible speed.
Do you provide a router?
Yes, we can provide a router, contact us today to discuss how we can be of assistance, many of our broadband packages usually include a free router.  
What speed should I be getting from my broadband?
If you want to know what speeds you are getting go to If you are still unsure then you can contact our tech team. National speeds average at 14Mb for Fibre to the Cabinet and 6Mb for ADSL.

I have a fault on my line, what do I do?
Faults can appear anywhere: your equipment, the line, or the exchange. Following these steps will help resolve or identify the issue.
Receiving calls: Try calling your number from another number or a mobile to see what the result is.
  • That the volume hasn’t been turned down on your Telephone. 
  • Do you have a base unit that requires mains power, and is it plugged in and working? 
Making calls: Lift the handset and check whether you have a dial tone.
Yes there is Dial Tone

Is this happening to every number that you dial? if it is then dial 1280 followed by the full number you are calling to see if the call connects, if it connects then the issue is with the Network routing so please give us a call.  If you still cannot make an outgoing call after inserting 1280 again, give us a call.

No there is no Dial Tone
  • Make sure you are connected to the branded BT Openreach master socket – extension sockets are not connected to the main line, and could be faulty
  • Check your telephone cable hasn’t accidentally disconnected from the socket or been damaged.
  • If the Telephone has a base unit that requires mains power, is it plugged in and working.
If you’re still having problems, move onto the section below.
Clear the Master Socket before testing
  • Unplug all other equipment plugged into your Master Socket and retest directly into that master socket. Other equipment includes: telephones, faxes, PDQ/card machines: broadband routers, microfilters, extension leads, adaptors
Test in the Test Socket
  • Remove the lower half of your Master Socket Faceplate (these either unscrew or clip off), this will remove any internal cabling that may be connected to the Master Socket and expose an open phone socket that you can connect your equipment to as normal. This connects you directly with the incoming line. Try making a call.
  • If this has rectified the fault then replace the faceplate, and plug each piece of equipment back in one by one, checking the phone line each time to see if a fault occurs. If this reveals one of your pieces of equipment to be causing the problem, please contact the manufacturer of the faulty equipment or replace it.
If this has not resolved the issue and you still believe you have a faulty line then call our customer support team on 0344 770 6000 who will be happy to help you further. 
I have a fault on my broadband, what do I do?
Before contacting us, we need to understand that Broadband uses a standard phone line – so let’s make sure the line works. Lift your telephone receiver to your ear and check whether you have a dial tone.  If there is no dial tone then you may have a problem with the line – refer to the I have a fault on my line, section first.
If the line appears to be fine then try the below before calling:
  • Reboot it *DO NOT RESET IT* - Unplug the router from the mains, leaving a minimum of 30 seconds before plugging it back in. We also recommend restarting your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.
  • Make sure you’re connected to the Master Socket – broadband might work from an extension but for quality purposes it is not supported from there by any service provider.  If you master socket is not in a convenient location we can get this moved for you. Give us a call on 0344 770 6000.
  • Change the broadband microfilter – this separates the broadband and phone call frequencies. A faulty microfilter will cause noise on the line, and continually disconnect the broadband
  • Make sure any other sockets in the premises also have microfilters attached
  • Swap the ADSL cable
  • Disconnect anything else attached to the telephone line such as phones, card machines, and fax machines and retest
This could potentially resolve the issue before you call us, however, if you are still experiencing problems then please call our customer support on 0344 770 6000.
My internet is extremely slow?
There are many reasons for broadband to appear slow.
  • Speeds are “up-to”, not guaranteed. It is possible for 2 lines installed in the same exchange to have 2 different speeds due to line length, contention, and quality. You may be paying for an up-to 24mb service, and only receive 6mb at it’s fastest – this is the same across the country with all providers.  We are at the behest of physics – if we could give everyone the fastest service we would!
  • You may have internal contention or equipment issues. Even if you receive 24mb ADSL or 80mb Fibre that speed is divided by the amount of users you have. So, a 24mb service with 50 users at once will effectively be divided between each device and result in 0.48mb each, not 24mb each.
  • Before calling please remove all devices from the router and connect a single device using an Ethernet cable and restart the router. If you run a speed test now at and enter your phone number at the end this should give you a more accurate reflection of the speed to your router. We cannot control issues with throughput to your individual devices.
How long does it take to repair a fault?
This depends on your care level, the nature of your fault, your premises location, Openreach engineers’ schedule, and even the weather. Chess strives to deliver our services to you as efficiently as possible. If you want more details or you would like to upgrade your care level speak to our customer support team on 0344 770 6000.
Download our care levels here
What if I need to log a fault out of business hours?
Not a problem, we are available to receive and log your fault 24/7, 365 days a year, you can call our customer support team on 0344 770 6000.
In-depth Fault Guide

Download our in-depth Fault Guide here.


Support and Maintenance
Why do I need phone system maintenance and support?
In case you have an Emergency, there is a planned repair or for general cover, our engineers are on-call to resolve you system issues, giving you peace of mind.
Is there any backup plan in case my business lines fail?
Our Disaster Recovery plan allows you to divert your calls from any location, to anywhere, at any time – the perfect backup solution for your business.
What is your service level agreement?
Our award winning customer service team are available Monday to Thursday 8am until 6pm; Friday 8am until 5:30pm.
Who should I contact if I have any service issues?
You should be provided with a dedicated customer service team on 0344 770 6000.
Our Charters
We want to make sure Chess is always a great place to be and a great place to be a customer, and that's why we're passionate about our promise to you.