Disaster Recovery

Most businesses have experienced a major disaster at some point – systems, power failure or natural disaster.

Can your business afford to lose communications and access to vital data?

Peace of mind - Icon

Peace of mind

We can ensure minimum business downtime and safeguard your business continuity.

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Great value for money

Basic Disaster Recovery Plan is available for just 3 pence per day – an affordable and reliable choice for your business.

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Our expertise

Our proactive approach can prevent emerging problems, making sure your communications run smoothly at all times.

Disaster Recovery Plan

From just £2.99 per month

Smart divert

  • Dial in from any location to divert calls
  • Send your calls to any destination or device
  • Backup solutions for your business
  • Anytime, anywhere

Virtual Receptionist

  • Answer your calls as your business
  • Customise our answers
  • Take messages Ensuring all vital calls are not missed
  • Send messages to you via email, immediately

SIP trunks

SIP  is a highly flexible product which allows you to reroute calls to any alternative location quickly and easily.

Active/ Standby

  • This allows businesses to add a second SIP trunk to another site.
  • When a disaster strikes and the main site became inaccessible, calls can be delivered as usual via the second SIP trunk.
  • Diverting happens automatically within seconds.
  • As soon as the main site is back up and running, calls are automatically sent through the main site SIP.

Active/ Active

  • This is ideal for multiple site businesses with two or more active SIP trunks.
  • When a disaster strikes and the main site becomes inaccessible, calls can be load shared to other sites
  • Diverting happens automatically within seconds

DDIs backup

  • Ideal for single site businesses
  • Deliver both SIP ends to the same site over separate networks with different links
  • Businesses get to choose the numbers of backup channels and also the specific DDIs to route

Service Maintenance Level

Service Maintenance Level Fault reporting and SLA times.
Service Level 1 Clear by end of next working day + 1 day, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays and Bank Holidays. Example:   Fault reported at any time between 00.01 – 23.59.59 on Tuesday would have a commitment time of 23.59.59 on Thursday
Service Level 2 Clear by end of next working day, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays and Bank Holidays. Example:  Fault reported at any time between 00.01 – 23.59.59 on Tuesday would have a commitment time of 23.59.59 on Wednesday.
Service Level 3 Reported by 12.59 – clear by 23.59.59 same day.Reported after 13.00 – clear by 12.59.59 next day (Monday – Sunday including Public and Bank Holidays)
Service Level 4 * 6hr fix around the clock, 365 days a year

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Ever suffered the consequences of losing data before?

Chess ICT provides one of the industry’s leading, reliable backup and recovery service for when accidental deletion or system failures occur. Following an initial full backup of your data to our mass storage vaults, we provide secure daily backups, fully managed and encrypted. Benefits

  • Powered by the award-winning Asigra online backup system
  • With over 500,000 installations across the globe, this platform will ensure that your critical business data is safe and secure at all times
  • Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements


Cloud Email & Protection

Email in the cloud is delivered to our customers through our Hosted Exchange server platform, providing all the functionality of a traditional Exchange server system. With full integration to all the latest smart phones and tablets, full synchronisation of your email, folders, contacts and calendar is always to hand. Benefits

  • Filter your incoming messages for spam and viruses before they reach your inbox
  • Ensures your business emails are safely archived and readily accessible to authorised users.
  • Uninterrupted email access in the event of system downtime

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