Ethernet First Mile

High capacity and fully uncontended private networks

Bridging the gap between broadband technology and high spec, corporate grade solutions.


Identical upload and download speed, up to 20Mbps

Business Continuity

Retain connectivity even when copper pairs fail

1:1 contention

Dedicated connectivity with rock solid reliability and security

Experience quicker lead times and greater resilience of multiple copper pairs.

Providing speeds of up to 20Mbps, it’s perfect for businesses that have outgrown their business grade broadband.

Efficiency and business continuity

EFM gives you a secure and reliable high speed connection, with internet speeds of up to 20Mbps (identical upload and download speeds). Due to its fully uncontended 1:1 nature, minimal disruption to service is guaranteed offering complete business continuity.

An affordable alternative

Unlike traditional leased lines which use fibre cables, EFM uses bundles of copper pairs to deliver a lower cost internet option. Not only can it save you the costs of high excess construction charges, you also enjoy all the benefits of a leased line whilst saving up to 65% in comparison.

Fail safe connectivity

Due to the fact that EFM is delivered over 2 or 4 copper pairs, in the unlikely occurrence of one copper pair failing there is an automatic fail-safe without service interruption. Coupled with our 6 hour faults fix service level agreement, we can ensure you get consistent and high performing connectivity.

How it works

  1. Either a Dual or Quad service is installed into the building. The speeds delivered are symmetrical i.e. the same downstream and upstream. There is an option of a managed router if required.
  2. An EFM card is installed by Chess into the multi-service access node at the exchange. The lead time is reduced if the EFM card is already present.
  3. The line is connected to the Chess network allowing you to choose if the circuit is delivered either as an Internet Access circuit or as part of an MPLS IPVPN


Services Basic EFM EFM Dual EFM Quad
Speed 3Mbps Up to 10Mbps Up to 20 Mbps
Delivery Over 2 copper pairs Over 2 copper pairs Over 4 copper pairs
Lead time 45 working days
Resilience If one pair fails you still have connectivity If one pair fails you still have connectivity If one, two or three pairs fails you still have connectivity
Price £129.99 £199.99 £314.9


EFM data sheet Download PDF


  • Companies that requires more bandwidth but without the budget for full blown Ethernet
  • Businesses with centralised sales systems
  • Businesses that employ data hungry critical applications
  • Deploying IP telephony, accessing VoIP and hosted solutions

Sales and Advice

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7 hours fault fix SLA

as promised by our extensively trained faults team 

Moreover, as our VIP member your emails will be prioritised and dealt with in under 24 hrs.

Dedicated Customer Service Team

Not only do you get your own account manager, our UK based corporate customer service team is also at your service 24/7, 365.

Putting your business first

We aim to answer the phone within 3 rings and respond to queries within 4 hours because we understand the importance of communicaton

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