Ethernet over FTTC

Scalable, high speed connectivity without the high price point

Combines the best of both Fibre and EFM to deliver superfast speeds guaranteed upload up to 20 Mbps and download up to 80Mbps


Scale your bandwidth – burst capability of up to 80Mbps


Guaranteed speed up to
20Mbps both ways


Un-contented private network for secured data transfer

Being an entry level Ethernet connectivity product, EoFTTC is perfect for growing businesses which have outgrown ADSL connectivity.

Enjoy guaranteed efficiency, reliability and unlimited data usage.

Constant high speed

With EoFTTC you can transfer large quantities of data quickly and reliably. Not only is the downstream bandwidth capable of bursting up to 80Mbps, we guarantee that you will receive at least 75% of your available speed at any point. In short, you will never encounter any speed issues.


Reliable, resilient and fail safe

We understand how imperative connections are for our customers which is why we promise to have any faults fixed within 6 hours, alongside 24/7 support from our UK based head office.


Integral Business Functions

The usage of video conferencing, VoIP services and the migration onto the cloud are now integral parts of businesses communication systems, and EoFTTC is your perfect connectivity solution for these systems. With superfast upload and download speeds that are 20% cheaper than EFM, it’s easy to see why EoFTTC is quickly becoming the bandwidth choice for growing, ambitious businesses.

How it works

  1. Customers’ premises are connected to the network via installed NTE. Optional managed solutions available.
  2. Data traffic travels over copper to the local fibre enabled street cabinet.
  3. Data traffic continues over fibre to the exchange.
  4. The line is connected to Chess’s NGN allowing you to choose the circuit to be delivered either as Internet Access circuit, as part of an MPLS solution, hosted service or L2 interconnect.



Services EoFTTC Limited EoFTTC Standard
Download speed 3 Mb 80 Mb
Upload speed 3 Mb up to 20 Mbps
Lead time 30 working days
  £98.49 £154.99

Fibre broadband
Download speed Upload Speed Usage Connection
Up to 17Mbps Up to 1Mbps Unlimited Inclusive

EoFTTC data sheet   Download PDF
  • Businesses that want a cost effective way to enjoy Ethernet
  • Quick transfer of large amount of data files
  • Running SIP, using real time communication tools or business apps
  • Cloud Business critical apps including IP voice and cloud hosting

Sales and Advice

0800 688 8858


7 hours fault fix SLA

as promised by our extensively trained fault team 

Moreover, as our VIP member your emails will be prioritised and dealt with in under 24 hrs.

Dedicated customer service team

Not only do you get your own account manager, our UK based corporate customer service team is also at your service 24/7, 365.

Putting your business first

We aim to answer the phone within 3 rings and respond to queries within 4 hours because we understand the importance of communication

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