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Advanced Ethical Hacking Course 

One of our experts will delve into the world of ethical hacking and teach you some techniques and tools used by white hat hackers to help you better secure your organisation from the latest targeted attacks.

10 October 18
09:00 - 17:00

Chess CyberSecurity, Great Barton, Manor Park, Church Road, Bury St Edmunds, IP31 2QR

£750 + VAT
This one-day Advanced Ethical Hacking Course is designed to complement the Essential Ethical Hacking Course, and will appeal to those who have already completed it. By attending, you and your team will learn the more complex techniques employed by the most sophisticated hackers.
Course Overview
On this course, our instructor will take you deep into the technologies and techniques used by advanced hackers to crack passwords, evade anti-virus software, and carry out targeted exploits on Windows and Linux systems.  
Topics covered on the course include the following:
  • Responder NBNS/LLMNR spoofing (fishing for hashes/creds)
  • Password cracking with Hashcat
  • Anti-virus evasion  
    • Backdooring executables
    • Utilising PowerShell Sneaky Sneaky
  • Post exploitation with PowerShell Empire
  • Linux smashing the stack (buffer overflow)
  • Windows remote smashing the stack (buffer overflow)
Course Details
The course will demonstrate and explain how hackers use the Responder tool for NBNS/LLMNR spoofing to capture and crack NetNTLM hashes over the network. 
You’ll also learn how, once the hackers have gained access to your systems, they go on to steal more passwords and data - all whilst staying hidden - using ‘post-exploitation’ techniques and tools like PowerShell Empire.  
Hands on Labs and Tutorials
During the course, our trainer will also run labs and tutorials for delegates to gain hands-on experience exploring:
  • Password cracking using Hashcat: learn how hackers use CPU/GPU based password cracking tool Hashcat to crack passwords using captured hashes, WPA2 handshakes and other hashes.
  • Methods for evading anti-virus systems: try out typical evasion methods including:
    • Backdooring executables
    • Using PowerShell via common attack vectors like macros.
  • In-depth Linux and Windows buffer overflow tutorials:  detailed tutorials on buffer overflows in Linux and Windows explaining how to control the flow of execution via local and remote vulnerabilities.
Experience Required
This Advanced Ethical Hacking course complements the introductory level Essential Ethical Hacking course, and delegates will ideally already have attended this course. Delegates should be familiar with computers, networking/concepts, Linux and/or Windows. It would be highly beneficial for delegates to have experience in programming.

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