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Forescout Test Drive Experience

Here's the chance to put Forescout CounterACT® through its paces. During a three-hour test drive, the Forescout crew will spin up virtual CounterACT sessions and take you through five real-world use cases, so you can experience life before and after using the product. 

28 November 19
09:30 - 14:00

Hilton Manchester Deansgate

303 Deansgate


M3 4LQ


Experience the Difference of Agentless Visibility and Control


Lap One: Asset Management.

Agentless visibility and continuous monitoring fuel every aspect of cybersecurity. You will gain visibility of hardware and software that you didn’t know you had for an annual software audit—without pulling resources from other critical tasks.

Lap Two: Device Compliance.

Streamline a security audit as you quickly determine whether networked devices are running up-to date security software. Next, you will create and apply a policy that notifies employees that they are out-of-compliance and confirms that systems are restored to company standards.

Lap Three: Incident Response.

You will put the ForeScout policy engine through its paces as you respond to a WannaCry outbreak. Use an automated policy to quickly locate vulnerable hosts and determine which need to be patched and which are infected instead of the complex process most enterprises use today.

Lap Four: Network Access Control.

You will enforce changes to the company’s antivirus policy. As a result of the WannaCry outbreak, you must quickly remove endpoints that aren’t running up-to-date antivirus software from the network. Experience a new level of control as you quickly assess devices and restrict, block or quarantine non-compliant systems.

Lap Five: Network Segmentation.

Make third-party tools fire on all cylinders as you maximize the firewall investments and experience the power of orchestration by creating a policy that uses CounterACT’s real-time profiling capabilities to tag non-compliant systems and share this information with leading next-generation firewalls to segment devices.


Check Your Network’s Blind Spots

Hidden devices are lurking around every turn—and they’re hiding on your network. Let Forescout flag unknown devices with a detailed assessment of your network endpoints, including infrastructure and rogue systems as well as BYOD, IoT and OT devices. Gain complete situational awareness, control devices and orchestrate actions to reduce cyber and operational risk—without agents and without disrupting critical business services. It starts with a complimentary Visibility and Risk Assessment.


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