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SecureTour 2019 

SecureTour is back! You are invited to SecureTour 19: Cybersecurity Collaboration. Starting from 11 October, we are going on a tour around the country — Join us at one of the 10 locations! 

31 October 19
00:00 - 00:00


Join us at Hilton, Belfast, to learn more about Cybersecurity Collaboration, network with fellow Cyber professionals and have all your questions answered. 


Collaboration: Synchronise – Analyse – Enable – Deliver


9:30am Registration and Breakfast

Pick up your registration pack, including vendor freebies and information on the upcoming presentations. There will be tea, coffee and breakfast on arrival and a chance to network with peers and vendors.


10:00am Introduction to Security Collaboration: Jez Turner, Sales Director, Chess

Today every business is an online business. The move to the cloud, the increase of the BYOD trend, remote workers and various apps, create a bigger surface for hackers to attack. These cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and their attempts to identify weaknesses within a system increase.

Proactive cybersecurity is the norm with executives considering the reputational and financial damage an information leak can cause. However, the future of cybersecurity is collaboration – not only between governments, not only between the private and the public sector but also between Cyber Security providers.

We have carefully selected three leaders in our industry, whose solutions complement each other. Cybersecurity is no longer only about the implementation of different product, but instead about opting for ones that ‘speak’ to each and identify weaknesses before they’ve escalated into more significant issues.


10:15am Sophos: Synchronising Security Collaboration

In the presentation, you’ll hear how Sophos can synchronise security collaboration by joining endpoint, network, mobile, wi-fi, email and encryption products. By all sharing information in real-time and responding automatically to incidents, organisations increase protection and slash incident response times.

Moreover, in understanding the importance of a World of security collaboration Sophos are in the process of opening APIs to their products, and you’ll get the first view of how this will enable you to be able to protect your organisation better.


11:00am Logpoint: Analysing Security Collaboration

In this presentation, we will demonstrate the importance of a vulnerability management solution, which identifies anomalies in accounts behaviour. Enabling you to recognise risks and attacks, immediately respond as well as ensure compliance, Logpoint arms you with a powerful SIEM analytics engine.

While you may have the solutions to guarantee endpoint and network security, the mismanagement on information or accounts can create weaknesses. Threats can stay hidden within forgotten admin accounts for months on end, silently collecting information and exposing your reputation and revenue to further attacks. Logpoint would integrate within your cyber strategy, arming you with a powerful automated analytical tool enhancing the collaboration between your existing solutions.


11:45am Break

A quick coffee break to check emails and chat further with peers, vendors and Chess people.


12:00pm Forescout: Enabling Security Collaboration

Are you aware of how many physical and virtual devices are connected to your network at any time? How can you ensure the security of your devices, if you can’t see what is connected to your network? In this presentation, you’ll learn how Forescout can enable security collaboration by discovering devices, improving IT asset management, segmenting devices and ensuring compliance.

Today, visibility and access control are a key challenge for companies. The BYOD trend and the rise of IoT create wider network “surface” for cybercriminals to attack. By enabling admins full visibility and control of both managed and unmanaged devices, Forescout’s solutions reduce network-related security breaches by 50%.


12:45pm Chess: Delivering Collaboration

In this session, our technical leads will showcase how Chess can deliver cybersecurity collaboration through a series of demonstrations from actual customer cases and lab recreations. The combination of the solutions from Sophos, Logpoint and Forescout can ensure end-to-end proactive security through product collaboration.


1:15pm Lunch and Close

Enjoy some food whilst networking with peers or 1-2-1 interactions with any vendors that catch your eye before departing.


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