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Telephone fraud is increasing with customers falling victim to hackers out to make money


Protect your business from just £3.99 pcm

Did you know telecom fraud has increased by 300% in the last year?

Most people will be able to relate to the experience of opening a phone bill that drew a sharp intake of breath – but what if it contains calls that rack up into the thousands?

Safeguard your business - Icons

Safeguard your business

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24/7 monitoring call activity

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Combat fraud pro-actively

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How does fraud happen?

Hackers try to gain access to your telecom network and route calls illegally. This can result in a large amount of calls to revenue generating 08 numbers – all at your expense.


What do we do?

With Fraud Monitor your calls will be monitored 24/7 by our dedicated system. We will contact you immediately when we spot any suspicious activity, while setting up a call barring service to stop any further charges.


Chess' Guide to avoid Telephone System Scams

Did you know Fraud in the UK costs businesses over £1 billion a year?

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