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Paranoid Android

All modern Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to an attack This was the stark warning issued by Mathy Vanhoef, a researcher at the University of Leuven. According to the research, fundamental weakness in WPA2 - the protocol that secures all modern Wi-Fi networks - render...

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How Secure Is Your Squiggle?

New research published by the United States Naval Academy and the University of Maryland reveals that six-digit passcodes are more effective in protecting smartphones from prying eyes than an unlock pattern, or 'squiggle'. In the test, 1,173 people watched a series of...

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Dyson Unveils Plans For Electric Car

James Dyson, the inventor of the ground-breaking bag-less vacuum cleaner and Airblade hand drier has just announced his company will begin producing electric vehicles, with the first rolling off the production line in less than three years’ time. Although the company...

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