Point to Point (P2P)

A fast, reliable and flexible solution to connect your sites directly



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Guaranteed Speed

Unlimited superfast connection with standard bandwidths of 10Mbps up to 100Gbps

Dedicated bandwidths

Dedicated bandwidths

Guaranteed consistent speed via dedicated, secured connection. Lowest possible latency

Direct Connection

Linking sites up to 25km apart securely and reliably

Unifying your business

Run voice and data between all your business locations and share information seamlessly. You can have your employees connected to all business tools and applications across your sites. People can work smarter, be more productive and efficient, no matter which site they are based in.

Great performance

Choose your bandwidth to suit your business needs, from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps. Expect delays less than 30ms, less than 8ms jitter and an over 99.9% delivery. Point to point connection allows you to enjoy the same upstream and downstream speed. There are no limits on how much of the bandwidth you use, which means our solution is completely scalable.

Secure and reliable

Your ports are dedicated for your business use only which means your service would not be affected by any general internet traffic. Moreover, with our multiple switching points and dual routing, your business can enjoy the highest level of internet resilience.

Fully managed

You get the option to have your network fully managed, which means our experts will pro-actively monitor manage the network for you, giving you support whenever you need it, 24/7. You also get access to our online reporting tools, allowing you to keep a close eye on your circuit performance.

How it works

  1. If your sites are within 45 km of each other, we can build a dedicated and secured fibre network for you, directly connecting together sites.
  2. An EFM card is installed by Chess into the MSAN at the exchange. The lead time is reduced if the EFM card is already present.
  3. The line is connected to the Chess’ NGN allowing you to choose the circuit to be delivered either as an Internet Access circuit or as part of an MPLS IPVPN.



Connection Fibre cables, direct access
Speed Standard bandwidths 10 Mbps; 100 Mbps; 1 Gbps; 10 Gbps; 40 Gbps; 100 Gbps. Up to 400Gbps
Network Private, 1:1 contention
Usage Unlimited
Security Highly secured – ports separated from other network traffic
Management Wires only or managed with 24/7 pro-active monitoring
SLA Need to find out

EoFTTC data sheet



  • Businesses that need to share tools, apps and data across employees
  • Connecting two VLANs
  • Connecting head office to your local offices, shops, etc.
  • VoIP calls and time sensitive applications like CITRIX and IP CCTV

Sales and Advice

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Service Level

We want to make sure that your business applications are performing at its best from our network, and that’s why we have a range of service maintenance products for you to choose from

Dedicated customer service team

Not only do you get your own account manager, our UK based corporate customer service team is also at your service 24/7, 365

Putting your business first

We aim to answer the phone within 3 rings and respond to queries within 4 hours because we understand the importance of communication

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