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Box is a safe online storage tool built for businesses of all sizes that helps keep everything in one place.

Great For

Work from anywhere

With Box, all your customers team's files are stored in the cloud so everyone in the team can access, edit, comment and share any of the files in real time from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


Customers can upload files and share with anyone, from documents to photos and videos. Files can be opened and edited on any device, as long as it can get online. And if several people are working on a file at once, they'll always know which is the latest version.

Keep things safe

Protects important info against fire, flood or theft. A minimum 100GB cloud storage gives a secure back-up and file-level encryption. With thousands of apps seamlessly connected to Box, sharing and collaboration is easier than ever.


Why Box

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Your customers can have the App on their smartphone or tablet and can choose from 100GB (Box Starter) or unlimited (Box Business) storage.
Full Control
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With seven levels of access, customers have full control of how much, or how little, anyone sees.
Box works with Mac and PC, Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry. It can handle virtually any kind of file format, so you'll be able to view files even if you don't have the software.
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