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SIP Trunking


Introducing SIP Trunking - Your Customer Journey to IP Telephony

SIP Trunking allows your customers to discover the VoIP world before moving one step closer into the Cloud.  

They can run multiple communication apps over an IP network or the internet, removing the need to retain ISDN services.

With greater flexibility and resilience, it optimises their data connection, so they have one line for both voice calls and their internet. With SIP, your customers get the benefits of a hosted voice solution on the existing phone system they already have in place.

Discover our SIP and Number Manager resources that we have created, for you to share with your customers.



Reliable, Flexible, Cost-effective Voice Solution for your Customers

Download our eGuide to SIP Trunking to help get you and your customers started on their SIP journey. 

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Useful Resources

We've created a useful kit of SIP trunking content for you to download and share with your customers. 

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