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Centre of excellence in design and delivery of tailored solutions, coupled with award winning on-going support

Our expertise

With over 20 years of consultancy experience, we have deep understanding on businesses of all sizes and industry

Wide range of choices

Our relationship with all major UK suppliers allow us to pick the best products for your business
without driving up the costs

Award winning services

Driven by offering truly personal service, we tailor the design and delivery to each individual client and our support extends further than technical services

Uniting your infrastructure

Instead of having fragmented, complex arrangement, why not consider centralising and simplifying your telecoms and IT setup? Our carefully designed solution is highly scalable and resilient allowing you to massively cut back on physical infrastructure.

  • One stop shop for all your business needs
  • Consolidating voice, data and IT services for easy management
  • Latest technology and equipment for efficient operation

Streamlined communication

Technology should not be a burden to your business. By converging your business applications and centralising your voice, data and IT systems, employees can access all business applications and resources anytime, anywhere.

  • Connect your business seamlessly
  • Simplifies communication process and speeds up decision making process
  • Improve collaboration between employees and departments

Business continuity

Business uptime is essential – many are trying to achieve absolute availability by having ‘always on’ technology. With the right technology and network, employees do not have to suffer from erratic connections meaning that they can access the right resources at all time.

  • Secured and resilient network architecture to prevent business downtime

Proactive monitoring and easy overall management

Lower operational costs

Reduce overheads by optimising your operational infrastructure. With the right solution, service and technology, you can manage your voice and data smarter – achieving speed, scalability and resilience without driving up costs.

  • Easy reporting and monitoring
  • Centralised IT infrastructure
  • Future proof solution

Controlling cashflow

Financial planning and strategy is essential to any businesses. We plan to deliver a cost effective solution with deep foresight in mind, meeting your current as well as future needs.

  • Enjoy enterprise level features without the infrastructure
  • Tangible solution avoiding over engineering

Scalable solution

Any businesses would experience changes that may incur extra expenses. Our experts are capable of delivering a future-proof solution that is in line with your businesses’ needs, meaning that you can keep your expenditure to a minimum.

  • Explore new opportunities without driving up costs
  • Ready to evolve, scalable network – you only pay for what you use

Work together seamlessly

Allow employees to collaborate and have easy access to the resources they need wherever they are. Virtualise your workload operations and have a more flexible, engaged workforce across your sites.

  • Get more done with ‘always on’ technology
  • Have a more engaged employee base
  • Combining traditional wired internet with fully wireless network

Enhanced security

Securing data is essential to any business. With the right solution we can help you to eliminate privacy and security threats while letting you have full control of your network and your shared corporate resources.

  • Protect against malware and malicious attacks
  • Resilient connection that you can rely on for business continuity
  • Disaster Recovery solutions

Save costs

By centralising your systems and infrastructure you can easily monitor and control your whole network. We are talking about less management, greater efficiencies and reduced overheads.

  • Virtuliasation technology can massively cut back operational costs
  • Transfer voice, data, VOIP and other media via segregated traffic

Choice and flexibility

Look beyond your own premises, explore new opportunities and improve employee’s job satisfaction by implementing a flexible work style. With our solutions, your people can stay as productive when working away from office, even when they are on the move.

  • Tracking and location services
  • Real time communication tools
  • Constant and flexible engagement with your customers

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Technology should not be a burden to your business workflow – allow employees to work with any devices and still have access to all the resources they need to ensure a productivity.

  • Instant access to business apps and resources
  • Responsive workforce improving decision making process
  • Reduce downtime

Embrace technology

Successful businesses should know how to optimise their resources and leverage technology. Not only is virtualisation a cost saving opportunity for businesses, expect a more agile workforce by enabling remote working and access from various devices.

  • Our next generation network forms the backbone of your business to run various technology/ business apps
  • Responsive, flexible network that can transform with your business

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