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An Infrastructure That Delivers Business Efficiency

In the digital age there are few things more important than the ICT infrastructure on which your business is built. From data storage to communication and uninterruptible power supply, you need systems and hardware that are up to the task of growing and changing as your business does, and which enable mobile working. Flexibility is every bit as important as stability and security.

Efficiency in Every Part of Your Network

No system can be better than the devices it depends on. Your workforce needs the best tools for the job, whether they are working at their desk or out on the road.

Given the huge range of options on offer, making those choices can be complex and time consuming. An analysis of your current and future needs will clearly show the devices your organisation needs to make your infrastructure effective, drive efficiency and maximise productivity.

Believe that legacy technology is a challenge that must be overcome for their organisation to successfully undertake digital transformation.
Increase in employee productivity when mobile solutions are introduced
Average business cost of IT downtime.
End User Devices for Every Job

A key aspect of business efficiency is ensuring that your teams have the right devices and tools to do their jobs to their maximum potential, whether that’s desktop computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

With a bewildering range of devices on offer, many organisations can benefit from guidance in selecting the right products with the right features and spec, to do the jobs required.

The Right Devices at the Right Cost

You need to be able to rely on the fact that the devices your employees use at their desktops and carry in their pockets are reliable, secure, up to date and fully proven. The best way is to source good solid hardware from reliable vendors through an ICT partner that is capable of providing a comprehensive service and meeting all your needs now and into the future.

A Full Range of Service Options

“Comprehensive service” means everything from selecting the right products to delivering and installing them, removing and recycling old equipment and setting up comprehensive support and maintenance programmes. The result is not just an effective working environment but economic pricing and the ability to stretch your IT budget further.

Case Study
Supporting Burnley FC's Growth
Download our case study to find out how we help future-proof Burnley FC's IT systems and infrastructure during a time of rapid expansion for the club. 
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Secure Mobile Data for Employees

Working on the go shouldn’t involve risking the integrity of your business data. The security provision for mobile devices needs to be as robust as it is on your business premises and on your employee’s desktops. Customers, employees and business partners need to know they can rely on the devices they are using, so they can operate in the full knowledge that the data is safe and secure.

Boosting Employee Productivity on the Move

Today’s mobile solutions enable your employees to be fully productive on the move. Mobility isn’t just about picking up emails. It’s about full flexibility, which ensures that employees are empowered, and businesses can respond quickly to evolving needs and changing events. Mobile technology underpins the efficiency of your workforce, leaving employees free to concentrate on doing their jobs, have conversations at the right time and have access to the information they need.


Choosing the Right Peripherals and Consumables

Every business needs peripheral items like printers, projectors, mice and monitors. Making the right choices isn’t always easy, and can be very confusing, because of the overwhelming numbers of items available. Using your ICT partner to make the best peripherals selections means systems will save you time and result in a more efficient overall solution that makes the most of your budget and ensures the effectiveness of your people.

Video Conferencing: Revolutionising Communication

Video conferencing has vastly improved the way we communicate and do business, saving money by cutting travel. When employees, customers and business partners can run business meetings and conferences across time zones, communicating naturally with colleagues in any part of the world at any time, the geographical barriers to operational efficiency and business success start to disappear.

Culturally They’re a Great Business to Work With
"Going onsite to Chess gave us the confidence we were making the right decision. Culturally they’re a great business to work with, very open and honest and more engaging than other IT companies we’ve worked with."
Justine Heaton, Finance Director
Futaba Tenneco
We’re Delighted with the Relationship
"We’re delighted with the relationship we have with Chess. Improved response times and technical expertise is having a huge impact on our business operations."
Doug Metcalfe, Stadium Manager
Burnley FC
This Large Scale Brief Was Achieved Within Budget and Met Deadlines
"Significant changes required, limited finance, extremely short deadline… yet this large scale brief was achieved within budget and met deadlines."
Deborah Millar, Director Of Digital & It Services
Salford City College
Servers: Secure, Scalable and Reliable Storage

The servers you choose for deployment in the cloud or on premise need to be reliable, secure and stable enough to house and deliver your critical data around the organisation. The best solutions are those that can easily scale to grow and evolve as your business expands.

World Class Suppliers for Peace of Mind

You can’t afford to wait for servers to fail. Keeping them current and updated will future-proof them so they’re ready to serve you when you need them. Your ICT partner should work with solid, reliable and established server infrastructure manufacturers who can deliver reliability and dependability when your organisation needs it, day in and day out.

Trusted ICT Infrastructure suppliers we're proud to work with.
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Business Data Storage and Recovery

Your business data is the life blood of your business, so safeguarding it must be among your highest priorities. Being able to recover data quickly and efficiently will be vitally important when the unexpected happens, so you need immediate access to completely secure storage to get your employees operational as early as possible in the event of a disaster.

Make Downtime a Thing of the Past

Storage backup is an ideal solution to prevent a disaster or catastrophic event from taking down your business operations, communications and data capabilities. As an extra layer of certainty and assurance, a storage replication solution is a super-robust solution to keep your business running in the most challenging of disaster scenarios.

Solutions that help keep your IT up and running.
End User Devices
Service includes delivery to desktop, asset tracking and tagging, IT asset recycling, desktop/notebook repairs, in warranty repair services, on-site maintenance services, removal and recycling of packaging, extended warranty service and insurance services.
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Your business is wherever you and your employees are. Keep you, your teams and your customers connected with business grade mobile technology.
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Peripherals & Consumables
The choice of peripherals — from printers to projectors — can be confusing. Chess can advise and guide, so that you're able to make an informed choice, making the most of your budget.
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Whether Cloud or on premise, Chess will advise and deliver an end-to-end solution customers can rely on. So if your current servers are reaching End of Life, contact our specialists to explore the options open to you.
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Choosing the best storage option for your business ensures fast access to the data you need, every day, whether it’s business as usual, or under exceptional circumstances.
Products for use in the home, office, data centres, industrial and commercial environments.


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