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Networks to Keep your Data Moving

No matter how large or small your business, it depends on the reliable flow of data. From the emails your customers send to the data resources your employees rely on, you need to know that information can flow into and around your business smoothly, quickly and securely. Choosing the right switching and wireless solutions for the job from the often-bewildering range on offer will help to lower your operating costs and drive profits higher.

On or off the Cloud

Working with the right suppliers means that you can tailor your network to meet your needs today yet make sure it is flexible enough to grow with your business in the future. Wireless solutions can be combined with hard wired elements to create a unique configuration designed to deliver the access you need, when and where you need it.

Learn How to Plan for Today’s Challenges

Download our infographic to find out how to improve branch-wide savings by managing SD-WAN, WLAN, and LAN with a single pane of glass.

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High Performance Switching

Servers, end point devices and people are only as effective as the networks that connect them. Configuring data and communications networks optimally can deliver a competitive advantage if data is allowed to flow optimally, resiliently and securely around the organisation, which is why connectivity provision is every bit as important as the components it connects.

Ethernet Reliability

The enormous range of Ethernet connectivity possibilities can be confusing for even the most experienced ICT professional. What’s needed is reliable, glitch-free data connectivity so your employees can communicate with colleagues, share resources and collaborate across the organisation as needed. Scoping requirements, understanding current and future needs and making the right network choices is often best done with the help of a partner with specialist knowledge of the market. It’s also the best way to minimise expenditure whilst establishing a solid foundation on which to build and evolve your business networks.

Chess Helps Us out a Lot
“We’re good at providing technology resources at the college, but what we need to do, as budgets change, is to squeeze as much usage out of the equipment we’ve got. Chess helps us out a lot with effective utilisation of equipment”
John Billington, Head of Services
Hugh Baird College
Chess’ Knowledge and Expertise Is Priceless
“Chess’ knowledge and expertise is priceless, the cost for us to appoint someone with that amount of experience and knowhow would far surpass the Managed Services fee.”
Anthony Evans, Systems Director
Our Client Services Manager Has Been Phenomena
"Our Client Services Manager has been phenomenal. He understands the unique pressures and requirements of working in the further education sector."
High Performance Wireless Solutions

For speed, flexibility, security and scalability, you need to control your WiFi connectivity solution via the cloud. Instead of directly managing your wireless solution yourself, your network operator can be responsible for increasing capacity to meet demand, take extending coverage and increasing connection speeds.

A Simplified Approach to Wireless Management

A simplified wireless management solution can drive efficiency. It’s also great for reliability, and results in less down time and fewer support calls – so your business works smarter, not harder. With management control in the hands of your own network operator, you’re free to work on the day to day operations of your business. With none of the technical overheads of operating, supporting or managing a WiFi network, it’s an efficient and cost-effective benefit.

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Solutions that keep your data moving.
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Increase IT service delivery with servers solutions that help you make significant savings while increasing capacity. Our servers are designed to deliver the right compute for your workload at the right economics.
Secure and scalable cloud-controlled WiFi, routing and security offer you faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage and fewer support calls.


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