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Simplify your Communications with Cloud PBX
Can you connect remote and home workers cost-effectively?

Cloud Telephony means you and your people are contactable from any device, at any location.

From phones to mobile devices and web browser, staying in touch is easy with our Cloud PBX solution. Plus, the softphone version saves you spending money on additional desk phones.

You can speed up your communications, react to new opportunities faster and generate higher revenues.

A Variety of Choice with Chess Cloud PBX
Cloud PBX Softphone
Cloud PBX Mobile App
Chess Teams Voice

Cloud PBX Softphone

Cloud PBX Lite includes a web-based softphone (no application installation required).

Cloud PBX Mobile App

If you are on the move opt for the mobile app included for iOS and Android - works over WiFi and mobile data.

Chess Teams Voice

Chess Cloud PBX also integrates with Microsoft Teams. Use Teams to make and receive calls with Chess Teams Voice.

Chess Teams Voice


Integrated into Microsoft’s Teams platform, Chess Teams Voice combines Chess Cloud PBX and Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration applications into a single, flexible solution.


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