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Internet Access

Keeping You Connected
Maintaining Pole Position

The connectivity that underpins your processes, supports your people and keeps your customers coming back is key to your business success. Slow, underpowered or unreliable internet provision hinders efficiency and productivity whilst increasing frustration and stress for your people. Meanwhile, your competitors are racing ahead.

Under the Hood

Knowing how to connect your business and how your connectivity compares to the competition is as important as understanding how your pricing, customer service and reputation stacks up. If your current and planned technology investment isn’t keeping track with your competitors, you may be in danger of losing your lead.

Stepping up a Gear

Companies with fewer people are most likely to be unhappy with their internet capability. Understanding how you compare with your competitors can help predict whether you’re going to be able to maintain the pace – or whether you’re in danger of stalling.

Are you a Data Hog?

Download our Infographic to find out what's eating up your bandwidth! 

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What’s Guzzling the Gigabits?

Businesses are switching to the fast lane. Unifying communications; offering an unrivalled customer experience; guaranteeing reliable e-commerce — it’s what’s setting businesses apart in our digital workplace era. However, legacy connectivity solutions may struggle to support new bandwidth hungry applications.

Bandwidth Busters

Light: Web browsing • Social media • VoIP calls • Basic email

Moderate: Wi-Fi • File sharing • Cloud services (eg Office 365) • VoIP video calls Email with attachments

High: Backup • Streaming webinar • Uploading large files Multiple devices per user • VOIP and Skype • Video conferencing  

Decision Tree
How Do I Know What Connectivity Solution Is Right for My Business?

Our Decision Tree gives you a simple set of questions to answer just that. 

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Businesses utilising video conferencing that say it increases productivity.
Enterprise workloads that will be in the cloud by 2020.
Hosted VoIP users in the UK.

Choosing the Best Solution for Your Business

From ADSL to leased lines, there’s a wealth of options to choose from. Understanding your business needs not just today, but to cater for the demands of a rapidly changing digital workplace, is the first step in identifying your connectivity strategy.

Comparing Options

Whether it’s an uncontended private connection, industry leading service level agreements or an entry level option that’s most important to your business, there’s an internet solution to match your requirements and your budget.

Connectivity Comparison Chart

What solution is the best for your business?

Download our Comparison Chart to learn about how budget affects download and upload speeds.

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The Future is Getting Faster

Within the next two years, superfast broadband will be available to almost 95% of London based businesses. Elsewhere, 82% - 89% of businesses, depending on where in the country they’re based, will have access to the fastert speeds, with only businesses in the South West unlikely to see more than 78% coverage. Businesses who put off reviewing and upgrading their internet connection will see the gap in their connectivity capability widening, risking competitive disadvantage.

Understanding Internet Solutions

The Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive overview of the options available. Exploring the benefits of each solution, including efficiency, reliability and productivity, the guide gives an overview of how each technology works, which businesses they’re best suited to and the download/upload speeds you can expect.

Ultimate Guide
Always Connected | Always Supported

Download The Ultimate Guide to Connectivity to find out what connectivity solution is right for your business. 

Perfect for Businesses Who Need Unrestricted Internet Connection
"We’re completely reliant on good connectivity. No-one understands this better than Chess. They really see the bigger picture, how everything, from team working to customer communication and cloud computing are all completely dependent on being online, 24/7. They don’t just supply an internet connection, they support our entire operation."
Gibbs Gillespie
Great Service
"We’ve been using Chess internet access and voice products since 2012. We find they offer great service and are always at the end of the phone if we need them. They’re a perfect fit for our business."
Thomas Stott
Doherty Evans & Stott Tailoring
Thank You for Your Professionalism and Dedication to Customer Service
"I would like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication to customer service you have displayed every time I have dealt with you. Every time we have had an incident you have been on it straight away and even kept in contact after the problem has been fixed! I should add that there is a high level of customer service given by all the team at Chess."
Kent Blaxill, Company Development Manager
Chris Barton
Solutions that help your business stay connected.
We know a reliable internet connection is essential for businesses in today’s modern workplace. Our broadband runs over the latest, most efficient network, offering a more cost-effective connection than providers using legacy solutions. It’s a great solution for cost conscious SMEs looking for a speedy, reliable broadband.
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Our fibre solution offers businesses a more heavyweight internet connection, ensuring you’re not held back by a slow or erratic internet connection. Ultimately, fibre can grow with your business. Perfect for businesses who require faster download speeds, unlimited access and reliable support.
Our ethernet solutions are perfect for businesses that rely on the strength of their data connection. Ethernet can provide your business with a secure, high-speed connection, offering guaranteed, symmetrical speeds and UK-based support coupled with a SLA 8-hour fix.
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Leased Lines
Our leased lines provide an internet connection that’s unrivalled for both reliability and performance. With a UK-based team of experts on hand 24/7 to support your business, 99% network reliability and SLA- 6-hour fix, it’s perfect for businesses who need unrestricted internet connection and regard connectivity as business critical.


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