A Flexible Business Solution

Our SIP services ensure your phone number is no longer restricted by geography. SIP also enables you to keep your existing number when you are moving or upsizing — thus providing maximum flexibility.

Save up to 25% on Call Costs

Our SIP trunks are carried over IP network instead of a traditional phone line, which means businesses can usually enjoy lower call rates, saving up to 25% on calling costs.

Run Multiple Communication Apps

Our SIP solution allows your business to run multiple communication apps over an IP network or the internet.



Unrivalled Speed
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Unlike standard business broadband, our SIP lines offers 1:1 contention ration, which means you can enjoy unrestricted coverage.
Future Proof Solution
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Our The bandwidth of a leased line is highly scalable, meaning that it can evolve with your business at short notice.
Privacy and Security
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Since a leased line is completely dedicated to your business only, data security is guaranteed.

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